Bill Fellows, star of Coronation Street, talks about a setback for Stu and Yasmeen's romance ambitions

Bill Fellows, star of Coronation Street, talks about a setback for Stu and Yasmeen's romance ambitio ...

Following are spoilers for Coronation Street.

Bill Fellows, who plays Stu Carpenter in Coronation Street, has revealed that his character Yasmeen Metcalfe's romance will be setback.

Yasmeen was shocked to learn that Stu spent years in prison for murder. He told her he once confessed to killing a woman, but denied being the perpetrator.

After Zeedan and Alya's investigation, Yasmeen will decide that Stu is not guilty of the crime in the next episodes. However, not everyone is agreeing with her decision.

Fellows have opened up about the plot and explained Stu's surprise when Yasmeen waits for him outside the prison gates after he's been released.

"Stu isn't expecting to see Yasmeen when he's released from prison because he didn't think that Yasmeen would trust him at all," he said.

"He feels desolate and self-pity when he leaves the prison. He believes he has nowhere to go and he feels like he was finally getting somewhere in life, and now that is over." When he sees Yasmeen in the car, he is stunned. It is unbelievable for him to think that she is there for him.

"Yasmeen is Stu's hero," said the actor, adding that she remains steadfast throughout the journey and that although she can't stand by him "romantically," she "understands it completely."

"She stands up against certain street residents and assures Stu that he may move into No.6." Stu believes that Yasmeen is a wonderful person because she always supports him in the end, which is wonderful.

Fellows acknowledges that Stu should have told Yasmeen about his imprisonment sooner, but he feared that she would not believe his innocence.

"Stu was afraid of losing Yasmeen," he said. "I do believe that Stu would have told Yasmeen about this past sometime because he would not have been able to live with the fear that someone, somewhere, would say something.

"Stu planned to tell Yasmeen in a few months," says the author. "He was waiting for the right moment to be honest with her," but he chose not to, as his ex-wife Lucy did. She told everyone before he had the chance."

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