Clerks 3 has given the go light to the UK release date

Clerks 3 has given the go light to the UK release date ...

Clerks III is making the crossing of the Atlantic and gearing up for its UK cinema debut.

From September 16, the third installment of the Kevin Smith film series will be shown in London.

The Prince Charles Cinemas in Central London has announced that the Quick Stop crew would be returning to their screens starting today (August 18). It is unclear whether other independent cinemas or cinema chains will join the fun at the moment.

Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) survives a heart attack that has renewed his appetite for life in the third chapter in the convenience store saga.

Randal decides to direct his own film, focusing on his friends' lives at Quick Stop.

The story is inspired by a near-fatal cardiac episode Smith suffered in 2018. In 2021, the filmmaker revealed Clerks III would be drawn from his own life, claiming it had been "oddly triggering" for him to revisit his heart attack to compose Randal's compositions.

"[...] it was the first time in awhile I contemplated how close I came to unraveling this mortal coil. But this verse from Clerks III makes me laugh out loud.

The three-part sequel, featuring Jay Mewes and Smith reprising their roles as Jay and Silent Bob, is expected to be a heartfelt celebration of the franchise.

Clerks III includes several well-known roles, including Buffy's Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ben Affleck from the Justice League, and New Girl's Justin Long.

Clerks 3 will be available in US cinemas on September 13 and 15, and will be available in selected UK cinemas on September 16.