After his leaving intentions, Emmerdale's Jacob Gallagher confirms his future

After his leaving intentions, Emmerdale's Jacob Gallagher confirms his future ...

Unpredictable Emmerdale spoilers are here.

Following his previous departure plans, Jacob Gallagher has confirmed his future at Emmerdale.

When he went to university this autumn, the teen planned to move into student housing, but those plans were thwarted this month due to the health problems of his mother, Leyla Cavanagh.

Jacob finally got to his mother about her need for rehab after Leyla's cocaine-induced heart attack. He also selflessly decided to postpone university plans to stay in the village until she recovers.

Jacob remained steadfast in his refusal to go to university as planned, no matter which of his loved ones tried to persuade him otherwise after getting three A-levels.

Jacob's recent volunteering at the hospital prompted even Manpreet Sharma to get involved, but the teen maintained that he would prefer to stay there for the time being.

Naomi Walters, a newcomer, was the one to finally contact Jacob when she explained how much she regretted postponing her own university admission.

"If I hadn't dropped uni, I might have gotten my act together now, and I might graduate, like some of my friends, rather than dumping drinks from my older brother," she said.

Naomi's comments definitely gave Jacob time to think about his impulsiveness. Later, he announced that he'd come up with a compromise that surprised Victoria and Manpreet.

"[Naomi] convinced me that the best I can do for Leyla is to make her proud of me," he said.

Jacob planned to have "the best of both worlds" by living at home while attending uni, so he could "party" with his friends whenever he wanted.

"Anyway, everything is fine. These kids are not aggressive, aren't they?" Victoria replied.

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