Recap: She-Hulk: It's Not Easy Being Green Grade the Disney+ Premiere

Recap: She-Hulk: It's Not Easy Being Green Grade the Disney+ Premiere ...

She-Hulk, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, made the case for her own Disney+ series on Thursday. What do you think, the jury?

Tatiana Maslanys ADAJen Walters is rehearsing her closing statement for a major trial, earning praise from paralegal/BFF Nikki and a dismissive offer to handle the closer by colleague Todd. Jen wave off Todd as they go to court, but not before Jen responds to something Nikki had just said.

Jen and her cousin Bruce Banner (MCU vet Mark Ruffalo) are on a road trip with their other half, still nursing a wounded wing from Endgame, while Jen explains why Steve Rogers was always busy as Captain America to ever get busy. She is then struck by a Sakaaran Class 8 courier craft, as previously seen in Thor: Ragnarok, and falls down an embankment into a collision.

Jen gashes a forearm badly while dragging out a dazed Bruce, almost instantly causing her to hulk out, as seen in a car door reflection. Later, she surfaces in a dive bar, where some young women discover her battered and bruised in the washroom and free her up.

Jen wakes up to discover that she is in a hut in Mexico. She discovers Bruce, now in Smart Hulk form, working in an underground lab that Tony Stark had set up for him during the Blip; this, he explains, is where he learned to incorporate his two identities into Smart Hulk. However, their shared, rare genetic abilities allow them to heal their right arm!

Bruce explains that Jens inner Hulk isnt going away. He then sends Jen back to his lab to test her ability to Hulk out with approaching buzzsaws. The question then arises: How can Jen reclaim her place in outer space?

Jen insists, Im not going to be a super hero but rather return to the profession she spent a lot of money and years building.

Jen confronts Bruce about the fact that she has had more than her share of experiences expressing her displeasure, whether it be being called by cats or by mansplaining, or fearing every step when out walking late at night? Bruce replies, Who is going to protect the world if it isnt people like us? Jen responds, Im not going to become you, and my life will be taken away from me. He points to his kinda-sad, oft-isolated existence.

Jen helps Bruce rebuild the bar, during which he assures the viewer that she can resume her normal life. We then return to Jens ADA office, where she tells the viewer, So thats how it all happened. My family knows, Nikki knows. Now I'm going to win this case. Lawyer show!

Jen Walters' super-secret is about to be revealed. Titania, a superhuman named Nikki, storms through the courtroom doors for the first time, seemingly urging Jen to do her thing, publicly for the first time, and swelling into her She-Hulk form, to clobber Titania. Once this very random (and to-be-explained-later) threat is neutralized, Jen returns to her normal self, clothes a bit worn, and

Bruce sets the record straight on his buddy Caps' alleged virginity, followed by a bonus scene. (Read much more on that reveal here.)

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