The 'Railway Children' Trailer Reimagines the Beloved British Story [Exclusive]

The 'Railway Children' Trailer Reimagines the Beloved British Story [Exclusive] ...

Collider is excited to premiere the teaser for Railway Children, a period drama about a group of youngsters who must deal with the consequences of World War II. The Railway Children is a sequel to The Railway Children, one of the most popular British films of all time. The film will premiere in the United States in late September.

Bobbie was one of the children who were moved to Yorkshire during a difficult period, more specifically to a house near Oakworth Railway Station, in the sequel, where he will see other children being evacuated from British cities due to repeated bombings.

The Railway Children trailer reveals that as the children begin to settle into a new lifestyle in the countryside, their lives are once again shaken up as a simple hide-and-see game leads them to discovering a runaway soldier. Despite all the risks and the terrible war scenario, it does suggest that, much like the original film, it will find its strength in the bond formed between victims of difficult situations and how children and adults can become each other's light in the darkest times.

Morgan Matthews, a multiple BAFTA winner, has directed a number of documentaries, including the Harry Potter film series special When Harry Left Hogwarts. The screenplay for Railway Children is written by Danny Brocklehurst (Brassic, Accused) based on a treatment by producer Jemma Rodgers (Vicious).

Out of Agutter, the cast includes John Bradley (Game of Thrones), Beau Gadsden (Rogue One), KJ Aikens (Modern Love), Austin Haynes (The Duke), Jessica Baglow (Gentleman Jack), Hugh Quarshie (Red Sparrow), Neil Hurst (All Creatures Great and Small), Tom Courtenay (45 Years), and Sheridan Smith (The Teacher).

Railway Children will be released in theaters on September 23. Check out the exclusive teaser below:

The official synopsis is available here:

Three evacuee children are sent from Salford to the Yorkshire village of Oakworth by their mother, Joan Agutter, who played her iconic role in the original film, and their grandson Thomas (Austin Haynes), who are soon settled into their new life in the countryside. When the children discover injured American soldier Abe (KJ Aikens), he is sent on a dangerous mission to assist their new friend, who, like them, is far away.