The First Look Photos of 'Enola Holmes 2' Show the Teenage Sleuth Being Chased Through London

The First Look Photos of 'Enola Holmes 2' Show the Teenage Sleuth Being Chased Through London ...

The headstrong sister of Sherlock Holmes is returning to Netflix this fall, and the streamer has just shared some new first-look photos of the highly-anticipated sequel, Enola Holmes 2. Millie Bobby Brown is poised to solve the case once more, with a few familiar faces from the first film as well as all-new characters.

After Enola has proven herself an intelligent partner for her famous older brother, played by Henry Cavill, the Netflix Original sequel takes place in London. "I wanted this film to be a rougher story," according to returning filmmaker Harry Bradbeer, who said he wanted Enola to explore a whole new world.

Enola follows in her brother's footsteps and starts her very own detective agency, where she meets a young factory girl who is looking for her missing sister in an all-new quest.

Brown became interested in bringing Springer's books to cinema screens and worked as a producer for both films, which showed our fourth-wall-breaking detective racing through the city's streets with the cops on her trail.

"We set the film in the hustle and bustle of London, which is something that we didn't get to see very much in the first one. We got to really see what this young girl is doing in this crazy city that surrounds her night and day, and we get to explore these places in great detail."

Enola's brilliant brother Sherlock returns to assist and confronts his sister, as well as her young love interest Tewkesbury, who is played by Helena Bonham Carter in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The photos reveal a new character played by Dune's Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who is not sure who she will play in the sequel to Enola.

Bradbeer is returning to direct and writer Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials) is back onboard, allowing fans to enjoy more of the heart-pounding action and cheeky side glances to the camera from the first film. As a producer, Bradbeer believes the actress' input was critical to recapturing Enola's ferocity and sharp wit.

"She understands an adult narrative, but she also understands the instincts of a younger person, so all of those things are essential." "She's very accepting of us as we work on the piece, and she gives input as each draft comes along."

On November 4, Enola Holmes 2 will be available for streaming onNetflix, as well as the teaser for the first Enola Holmes: