The Top 10 'Family Guy' Characters Voted By Creator Seth MacFarlane

The Top 10 'Family Guy' Characters Voted By Creator Seth MacFarlane ...

Family Guy has been in production for twenty-one seasons, following the Griffin family's adventures: Peter (Seth MacFarlane), Lois (Alex Borstein), Brian (MacFarlane), Chris (Seth Green), Meg (Mila Kunis), and Stewie (MacFarlane). The series has a cult following, from Ryan Reynolds to James Woods.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the Family Guy animated television series, was known for composing original character designs, working as the executive producer, and of course, voicing many characters. In 2011, he decided to take a break from producing to just acting to make room for other acting commitments.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin, the most well-known character in the Family Guy franchise, is the dim-witted patriarch of the household, often the canon of misdemeanor that accounts for the episodes adventures. Since Death Has A Shadow in 1999, Peter has appeared in every Family Guy episode as the lazy father who spends his time drinking and watching television (when he isn't engaged in shenanigans such as watching Surfin Bird).

Peters' iconic voice was based on a security guard he saw while attending college, who had a strong Rhode Island accent, a loud voice, and absolutely no self-editing.

Stewie Griffin

Stewie, the youngest member of the Griffin family, is a one-year-old infant with a large head in the shape of a football. He is a smart kid beyond his years, with both a childish helplessness and an adult maturity that outweighs all of his family members. He doesn't respect his family members outside of Brian, whom he spends the majority of his time with.

Stewie's predominant personality trait came from his desire to murder Lois and achieve world dominance, making him a powerful super villain who can wield many destructive weapons in later seasons, while still displaying his childish side. Seth MacFarlane is the creative director of My Fair Lady, based on the lower, ugly sounds from The Simpsons character Mr. Burns.

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin, a talking, two-legged walking, and alcoholic, is the family Labrador and is a long-time friend to both Peter and Stewie. Brian is a failed writer, and instead spends his time trying to establish lasting relationships with women, which always fails.

Brian is portrayed as the anthropomorphic version of Seth MacFarlane, who uses his own voice for characterization and instills his political and religious beliefs into the morally-driven character.

Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire, who is best known on Family Guy for his untimely catchphrase Giggity, is Peter's closest friend and neighbor. She is best known on Family Guy for her untimely catchphrase Giggity, which is exclaimed whenever something has a sexual implication.

Quagmire's voice derived from the voices of radio announcers in the 1940s and 50s, with his appearance created by an overblown portrayal of Bob Hope, a comedian and actor who lived out his bachelor party lifestyle through numerous sexual relations. Despite being sixty-one years old and a commercial pilot, he has a wide range of interests.

Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker, the male anchorman for Quahogs Channel 5 News, is well-known for delivering the news in the same bubbly voice, regardless of the subject he is reporting on.

Tom has been known to belittle or make sexual remarks towards female anchors, and he encapsulates a somewhat narcissistic nature as a result of his little infamy.

Jake Tucker

Jake Tucker, the only son of Tom and Stacey Tucker (Nicole Sullivan), is a minor character in the Family Guy franchise, appearing in just twenty episodes since season one. Most famous for his upside-down face, he is often referred to as a freak, which appeared to engender a rebellious nature to him.

Jake used to attend Buddy Cianci Junior High School with Chris Griffin, where he engaged in many inappropriate activities, including bringing alcohol to the school dance, and being arrested for drug possession.

Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter Pewterschmidt, a billionaire, is married to Barbara Pewterschmidt (Alex Borstein) who is the father of Lois Griffin and the father-in-law of Peter Griffin. Carter is the owner of Pewterschmidt Industries and U.S Steel, and believes in money more than everything else. He is known to be adamant with his billions, even going as far as refusing to pay a ransom to rescue Lois.

Carter Pewterschmidt has been a regular on the show since season two, in the episode Peter, Peter, and Caviar Eater.

Dr. Hartman

The unhelpful Dr. Hartman is the Griffin family's doctor, who often misunderstands medical terminology, causing the family to believe they have conditions despite being healthy. In Stewie Loves Lois, Dr. Hartman saw his medical license revoked after performing a prostate exam on Peter, who later reclaimed it.

Despite his haphazardness, Dr. Hartman saved Peters' life by gifting his kidney to him, in the save vein, preventing Brian from dying on the operating table in an unsuccessful bid to donate his own, incompatible kidney. Interestingly, Dr. Hartman's voice sounds exactly the same as Carter Pewterschmidts - which was once mentioned in the episode, Believe It Or Not, Joes Walking On Air.


Family Guy portrays God as a white-haired man wearing a white robe who watches the Earth below. His role is often of comedic value, where Family Guy interprets biblical references such as the creation of the world, where God lights his fart on fire.

Since the first episode, Death Has A Shadow, God has been a character on the show, where his portrayal has sparked debate for supporting anti-Christian beliefs, in line with Seth MacFarlane's own atheist beliefs.


Seamus is a wooden armed and legged fisherman who lives a pirates lifestyle. His main role in the series is to alert Peter of dangers whenever he goes out to sea.

Seamus first appeared in Season Three's episode A Fish Out Of Water, and shares the same voice as both Carter Pewterschmidt and Dr. Hartman.