New Theories About Jade's Ghostly Friend in the 'Surfside Girls' Clip [Exclusive]

New Theories About Jade's Ghostly Friend in the 'Surfside Girls' Clip [Exclusive] ...

Apple TV+ released a trailer and poster for Surfside Girls, a feel-good adventure series that will premiere this Friday. Today, the streamer shared an exclusive video with Collider that depicts the interactions between two very different characters. A clever girl and a ghost that is desperately trying not to be intangible anymore. The series centers around two friends who decide to go on a treasure hunt and come in contact with far more fantastic discoveries than they expected.

The video demonstrates that Surfside Girls is a family adventure that relies on easy and harmless humor to entertain children and adults. Jade (Miya Cech) and Sams (YaYa Gosselin) will discover a friendly ghost who wants to help them but keeps going through tough stuff. Just when Santi decides hell is out, he discovers something new.

Jade's sudden identification with solid materials prompts her to investigate. The liquid next to the unquestionable ghost changes color, suggesting that Santi is capable of grasping a giant shell.

May Chan (American Girl: Corinne Tan, The Astronauts) is the showrunner. She also writes, executive produces, and co-develops the adaptation alongside Alex Diaz and Julie Sagalowsky Diaz (The Shannara Chronicles, What's Up Warthogs!). The first two episodes of the series are directed and executive produced by America Young (Roswell, New Mexico, Legacies).

Surfside Girls will be premiered on Apple TV+ on August 19: You may view the exclusive clip here:

Check out the official synopsis for the series here:

Surfside Girls follows two best friends who are pumped to spend their summers swimming the waves and catching the rays. Except when Sam discovers a pirate ghost named Remi, Jade wants to assist him in solving the mystery. And yes, they will be able to assist a couple of pirate ghosts along the way.