In the teaser for 'American Gigolo,' Jon Bernthal fights a strange and unforgiving world

In the teaser for 'American Gigolo,' Jon Bernthal fights a strange and unforgiving world ...

The new footage from Showtimes' American Gigolo series is sure to make you feel good next month. For more reasons than one, the film is tantalizing and exciting.

The new trailer for Blondies' iconic Call Me reimagines Julian Kayes' life as a newly-released man, who was recently released for serving a crime he did not commit. He's quickly caught up in not only trying to resume his work prior to his arrest, but also in the aftermath of his release, with a mysterious entity out to get him.

The new teaser hints towards more violence in the series, predicated on Julians relationship (former or otherwise) with Michelle (Gretchen Mol), with whom he had a relationship prior to being sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and he has nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

Fans are treated to Bernthals amazing charisma as a leading man, and it appears that Showtime knows what they're doing, tagging the video posted to their Twitter with, Come for Jon Bernthal, stay for Julian Kaye, and for good reason tweeting weekly snippets of Julianssofter dialogue in order to entice fans to the premiere in September.

American Gigolo is a direct sequel to Gere's 1980 film, one of a number of sequel series Showtime has released this year, most recently The Man Who Fell to Earth, a remake of David Bowie's film of the same name. The series is directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and includes Rosie ODonnell, Wayne Brady, and Leland Orser.

On September 9, American Gigolo will be shown on Showtime. Check out the new teaser below: