How 'The Sandman' Reimagines Death as a Character

How 'The Sandman' Reimagines Death as a Character ...

The Sandman, a Netflix series starring Neil Gaiman and co-developers David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, is a journey across different realms. We follow Dream (Tom Sturridge) as he frees himself from a magician's prison, retrieves his stolen tools, and attempts to find his place in a universe that has been surviving without him for centuries. The sound of his wings is a film directed by Mairzee Almas, which provides depth to the

The concept of death is both troubling and fascinating at the same time, making literary, television, and film adaptations of it timeless. This Death character is something that must be dealt with in order to protect themselves or a loved one; it is there to do a job and maintain the natural order of things; movies like Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey and television shows like Family Guy and Adventure Time have spoofed the character for comedic effect.

Death is depicted as an upbeat, attractive Goth type who wears casual clothing, usually a black t-shirt and jeans, and is a popular character in the Netflix series. As she goes through her day, she acknowledges but brushes off, as it is just part of who she is and who she is on Earth.

The placement of this episode in the series is another interesting one. "24/7" is a terrible and dark story that beams with evil violence, yet it is so beautifully crafted that even though the death toll is still there, there is still no grimness to it because of Death's empathetic role. She becomes almost a motherly or sisterly figure to the people she is taking away.

'The Sound of Her Wings' gives Death's character a fresh rebranding, but also assists Dream in redefining his identity in a different world. He is initially surprised when his older sister arrives and scolds him for his lack of energy and purpose, but he realizes that she is correct. He realizes that as a person, he has the ability to persevere through life's trials, and that love and wisdom can only be discovered on that journey.