Tatiana Maslany and Ginger Gonzaga discuss breaking the Fourth Wall in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.'

Tatiana Maslany and Ginger Gonzaga discuss breaking the Fourth Wall in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.' ...

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is a nine-episode Disney+ comedy series starring Tariana Maslany, a 30-something attorney who prefers her time on court matters when she suddenly discovers herself as a green 6-foot-7-inch superpowered Hulk, receiving mentoring from her cousin Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) for how to be the best Hulk she can be.

Maslany and Ginger Gonzaga (who play Jens best friend Nikki Ramos) talked about what sets She-Hulk apart as a character, why they wanted to join this particular world, finding the chemistry between Jen and Bruce, and what they hope the series will inspire.

Tatiana, how did you feel when you heard that you would be going from heels to Hulk, as the MCU's new superhero?

TATIANA MASLANY: Heels to Hulk? I never wore heels, so this is going from shoes to heels to Hulk, and back again. That was fun to step into. Whats so great about the show is that it has all these huge Marvel elements, including big set pieces. However, we also deal with She-Hulk's swipe dating and helping her father haul things into the garage. Its those little sweet moments that really made me want to do this program.

Ginger, your character, Nikki Ramos, is a fantastic boyfriend. Is she the type of person that you would hang out with in real life?

GINGER GONZAGA: Yes. I'd rather have Nikki in real life. Shamefully, I feel like I'm cheating on this program. She's very open. She's the type of person you want, who can do anything, and who encourages you to do whatever.

What was your reaction to receiving the news that you would be a part of this project when you first received it? What did you do to honor your achievement?

GONZAGA: I was ecstatic, but it was juxtaposed with the fact that my puppy had just sat down in my living room. I was like, Wow, I'll be in the Marvel Universe! One sec, let me clean up after my puppy that I've never trained. It was a very humbling experience for me.

Jen and Nikkis' bond is a huge part of this show. What do you guys enjoy most about learning their personality?

GONZAGA: I love that they have a sense of emotional maturity to their lives. Jen, as Jen, is safe. She knows what she is doing with her life, but in a fun way. I can even encourage She-Hulk to become She-Hulk. That is why, if She-Hulk ever saves the world, you can thank her good friend, Nikki. She knows that she can get through anything.

Tatiana, what was it like to discover that chemistry between Bruce and Jen?

MASLANY: When Mark comes to set, the movie becomes a breeze. These are scenes where we were like siblings, who were also very fond of each other. It just made sense. And a lot of the characters in this show have that softness that is very easy to understand.

Throughout this series, how do you feel about the use of the breaking of the fourth wall?

MASLANY: Theres something about She-Hulks awareness, where she is able to go from being Jen to She-Hulk with a seamlessness. Her consciousness remains the same, and she is aware of the audience. It's an extension of her superpower, being engaged in the meta element. She's like, I know you're watching this. And there's something about her super-awareness.

GONZAGA: I feel like the audience gets a Nikki experience with that because she's almost referring to a friend. It's very friendly-like. Nikki always gets to be on the inside, so she gets those asides as Nikki, but the audience also gets to experience that.

Jen's dating difficulties are evident in this video. Which superhero would you try to establish her as if you were Jen's best friend?

MASLANY: I love Batman from the Adam West series, and I want to do scenes with him.

GONZAGA: That's so funny. If I were to imagine, Groot seems like he need a bit of love.

What was the experience like in front of the audience at San Diego Comic-Con?

MASLANY: I've completely blacked out.

GONZAGA: The same.

MASLANY: I was shaking before we went out there. I remember the feeling that we all had, which was just ecstatic, giggly, and just so grateful that we got to do this. And then there was this very warm group, who really knows everything about this universe, far more than some of us.

GONZAGA: It's true, we just took a quiz the other day, and we know nothing.

MASLANY: We both failed.

GONZAGA: They were so welcoming. They were also like, OK, lets see what this is. There was a fun exchange there, to be able to present the trailer to them. We all sat down and watched it on the big screen with them, and it was great.

Tatiana, what was the most valuable piece of advice you received from Mark Ruffalo when it came to playing She-Hulk?

MASLANY: Mark was open to whatever my journey with She-Hulk was like. One thing I saw him do was, he was lying down outside as Bruce, and he gets up as Hulk. It looked completely inhuman. I was like, Oh, thats what 10 years of playing this character and physically embodying him and being so inside of him is like. I wanted to be able to do that sometime.

She-Hulk is more equipped than most to embrace her new superhero lifestyle. What did you find most relatable about Jennifer Walters?

MASLANY: I found her frustration with it to be the most interesting, her refusal to give up. She has built a life for herself that she will not regret. She has to deal with a whole other societal expectation of herself when she dies. I can only imagine this as a funny movie that has moments where you're checking your phone, or whatever.

What do you hope viewers will take away from this series?

GONZAGA: I would like to see that somebody, somewhere, can create She-Hulk dog outfits because Ive been looking for them for myself and for Tatianas dog, but I have yet to find them. This is a request for assistance from Ginger Gonzaga for She-Hulk dog outfits, size Chihuahua wiener dog. I'll manifest it.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now available on Disney+.