Is the Idris Elba Thriller Available for Streaming or in Theaters? How to Watch 'Beast': Is the Idris Elba Thriller Available?

Is the Idris Elba Thriller Available for Streaming or in Theaters? How to Watch 'Beast': Is the Idri ...

Idris Elba, a multi-talented actor, DJ, and musician, is returning to theaters in Beast, a violent action thriller. Unlike in Cats, where Elba played the dangerous cat McCavity, in Beast, Elba plays a grieving widow who goes to South Africa after his wife's death. There they are pursued by a rogue lion who has been slaughtered by poachers. (Be sure to check out the post-

Iyana Halley and Leah Sava Jeffries play the children of Dr. Samuel, Meredith and Norah in the Empire series Empire. Jeffries plays Annabeth in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Copley, a well-known South African actor, has been in many films, including Chappie, District 9, and Season 2 of Russian Doll.

The filmmaker, Baltasar Kormakur, has directed several films, including A Little Trip to Heaven, Everest, Contraband, and 2 Guns. Ryan Engle wrote the screenplays for other action films, including Rampage, Non-Stop, The Commuter, and Breaking In. The African landscape itself also plays a key role in the film. Packer is a well-known Hollywood producer who has supported many box office successes such as the Ride Along films, Straight Outta Compton,

Is There A Trailer for Beast?

On May 25, Universal Pictures released a teaser for Beast, which begins with beautiful landscape and wildlife as Jimmy Cliffs' cover of I Can See Clearly Now plays. The song quickly fades as the party discovers a horribly injured man who has been mauled by a lion. The film also shows the huge and terrifying lion as a result of the film's R rating.

Is Beast Playing in Theaters?

Beast is set to be released in theaters on August 19th, so be sure to check it out if it is available near you. For language and violence, Beast may not be the film for everybody, but anyone who wants a tense and violent 93 minutes at the cinema might want to check it out.

Can You Stream Beast?

Beast isn't available for streaming yet, although it'll likely be a long time before it can be watched from the comfort of your home. Peacock is the official streaming service of NBCUniversal and offers many levels for viewers to choose from, including a free option. As with several other Universal releases this year such as Michael Bay's Ambulance, Robert Eggers' The Northman, and Scott Derrickson's The Black Phone, Beast is expected to be available on Peacock 45 days after it arrives

Can You Buy Beast on DVD or Blu-ray?

Beast isn't yet available for purchase or rent, either digitally or on DVD/Blu-ray, but it is expected to be available within a few months. Already, films like Memory have been available for purchase on the Universal Pictures Home Entertainments website.

More Films Like Beast

The Ghost and the Darkness, starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer, is another tale of aggressive man-eaters that terrorized a construction site in East Africa in the late 1800s. William Goldman, the screenwriter behind Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the Presidents Men, wrote the script for The Ghost and the Darkness.

Jaws - It's hard to imagine talking about murderous animals without mentioning Jaws. This 1975 classic pits a sheriff and his beach town against a violent man-eater shark, and forces the town to choose between ignoring the problem for the sake of promoting tourism. Sharks were made one of the most dangerous animals to ever imagine, despite how rare shark attacks are.