What Nathan Fielder's 'The Rehearsal' has in common is the lack of 'Nathan for You.'

What Nathan Fielder's 'The Rehearsal' has in common is the lack of 'Nathan for You.' ...

Nathan Fielder is well-known for reality series that make viewers question, is this true? Fielder and the series received criticism and debate about the morality of the pranks and whether or not it was ethical to profit from others in this way. The Rehearsal, like Fielders' current HBO series, has a lot to say about Fielders' work.

Fielder goes through another series that transforms real folks' lives into entertainment, in search of a way to cross the line. In many ways, The Rehearsal expands upon some ideas that clearly inspired Nathan for You, but things in this series go deeper.

Some have referred to this niche genre of reality comedy as The Room, which is well-known among its cult supporters. It's funny, as is Tommy Wiseau's intention of making this seemingly serious drama laugh and self-aware. Part of what's so funny about The Room is the fact that it's made by the creator.

The Rehearsal is a work in progress that is parallel to reality comedy in many ways. The difference is that we never actually laugh at Nathan For You's creator; he is only laughing at other, unsuspecting individuals. This isnt necessarily the kind of humor that makes The Rehearsal fun.

The Fielder Method is a series that focuses on the role of matryoshka, but it also emphasizes that the students must observe her in order to succeed at The Fielder Method. For one student, the class jokes that she should only follow her lead on social media if she is to succeed.

Fielder makes a point of implying that actors who act in a more traditional sense are actually better at understanding others than someone who is so adamant about reality. Maybe it's time to shun scripted television, since it's so well-known.