Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez Discuss 'Look Both Ways' and Finding Hope in the Unknown

Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez Discuss 'Look Both Ways' and Finding Hope in the Unknown ...

Natalie (Lili Reinhart) finds herself at a crossroads when a one-night stand with her friend Gabe (Danny Ramirez) results in a pregnancy scare, putting her plans for her future after college in jeopardy. In the first, her test comes back negative, and she and Gabe return home with their daughter (Andrea Savage and Luke Wilson).

Reinhart and Ramirez talk about what drew them to the project and how they found hope and comfort in the belief that no single path in life is the only one that leads them to where they want to go. They talked about how they found their creative voices again when they were distracted by other people's voices.

COLLIDER: I absolutely love this movie. I love the way it plays with the question of, "What if?" because I believe a lot of us have wondered that on our own. Is it what got you interested in the project?

LILI REINHART: I don't know if the question itself drew me to the project. I think it was more the feeling at the end of the film that I felt as we had the opportunity to take that one million-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-many-

DANNY RAMIREZ: The "what if" [stories] do grab my attention quite viscerally, because I think, looking back at my life, anybody's life, there's clear forks on the road. And I think this one, in and of itself, just grabbed my attention, both because it drew me in, "No matter what happened, you'll be fine." I'm thinking, in and of itself, that it did play with it into, "No matter what

Natalie and Gabe are both great in the end, but there is a time when Natalie is struggling to find her own voice, despite the fact that it isn't directly addressed. Have you ever experienced that feeling like your voice was falling in the shuffle, in everyone else's?

REINHART: I think it inspired me to create and publish my poetry collection, Swimming Lessons, because at that point, I felt a bit hampered. I just wanted to be creatively independent and film something else. I don't want to drop an album and become a singer. So I decided to pursue this possibility.

RAMIREZ: That's stunning.

REINHART: Thank you. I'll admit that I don't have any regrets, but I do regret publishing my poetry book.

RAMIREZ: Is this true?

REINHART: Yeah. Because I do feel that I published this book before I was ready. Before it was ready, before I was ready. And I feel that I'm a much better writer now, and I've written so much more and so much better than from when I published it.

RAMIREZ: When will the new book be released?

REINHART: There isn'

RAMIREZ: There should be a ban on piracy.

REINHART: I've thought about it, but I'm like, "It's so intimidating." It's quite intimidating, but that's another story.

RAMIREZ: When will the album be released?

REINHART: The album. Please...I don't know.

RAMIREZ: You've got pipes. Sometimes it's gotten lost within the shuffle of many people within it. But then it's also lost within myself. And then I'm my own worst silencer, if you will, of stopping thoughts as they're coming. Creative thoughts and the follow-through of those? That's what I've been working on now, because I'm beginning to realize, "Oh, in the space where other people are also trying to silence you, that's where

On a lighter note, what would you describe as your favorite scene in this film?

REINHART: What's your favorite scene?

RAMIREZ: I believe the one who said, "Finally. This is like..."

REINHART: Finally.

RAMIREZ: It's the largest buildup of every single scene. To me, the tension, and Gabe's anxiety about what he really wanted and against what was happening, was the moment that we had to put down in the scene. And then, at the end, it wasn't like...

REINHART: Yeah, yeah. The beginning of both relationships, their reunion, I think, is particularly beautiful, when it's Jake who's left his job to get a ticket to her show. She's so surprised that he would do that for her. And then, obviously, when you say, "Finally," and you have a little sparkle in your eye, it's, "That is a perfect romantic comedy moment."

Look Both Ways is now available on Netflix.