Three beloved original Destiny Exotics will no longer be coming to Destiny 2 any time soon

Three beloved original Destiny Exotics will no longer be coming to Destiny 2 any time soon ...

Bungie is getting smaller reveal out of the way as Destiny 2 viewers prepare for the showcase on Aug. 23. No Land Beyond, Ice Breaker, and Invective, the fan-favorite original Destiny Exotics will be released anytime soon.

With Destiny 2's 18th season, the studio unveiled all of the new Arc subclasses with Arc 3.0. Later in the day, weapons feature lead for Destiny 2, Chris Proctor, spoke on the Destiny Community Podcasts Firing Range show to discuss upcoming weapons changes.

Proctor mentioned Dead Mans Tale, an exotic scout rifle that was quite popular in PvP for some time after its release last year. Another host jokingly compared it to No Land Beyond, a difficult to use sniper rifle from the original Destiny that had no ammo.

Proctor stated that we are not bringing No Land Beyond back for good reasons. The idea that we might do something even in that direction [like Dead Mans Tale] was ill-advised at the start.

The hosts then joked that Twitch viewers were sad to hear that No Land Beyond would not be coming to Destiny 2, as it is one of only a handful of Exotics that have not been brought forward. This led Proctor to go further on his answer.

I dont know how to make an infinite ammo sniper rifle, according to Proctor. I believe that if we ever redesign the PvP special ammo economy completely, we might bring back some of the weapons like No Land Beyond, Ice Breaker, Invective, or whatever. However, the ammo economy would need to completely transform before we can do that in a way that is fair.

In the original Destiny, primary ammo was used, so players would always spawn into matches with plenty of shots. Ice Breaker and Invective, on the other hand, were special ammo weapons, making them enjoyable to use in PvE gameplay and a nightmare in PvP.

While Proctor is leaving the door open for other weapons modifications that might make re-making these weapons a possibility, it appears that they will probably stay in Destinys past for the foreseeable future.