The reboot of D&D's Dragonlance takes its inspiration from Saving Private Ryan, published in 1917

The reboot of D&D's Dragonlance takes its inspiration from Saving Private Ryan, published in 1917 ...

With the release of Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, a collection of war movies like Saving Private Ryan and 1917, Wizards of the Coast is broadening its scope.

The 244-page hardcover campaign chronicles the early days of the War of the Lance in the 1980s Dragonlance setting, where the forces of the Dragon Queen Takhisis, also known as Tiamat, are marching against the knights of Solamnia.

While attending a Tuesday press conference, Dragonlance is really D&D's setting for war, massive conflicts, and these world-sweeping, world-changing battles. It isn't just the fate of a town, it's also the fate of the entire world.

Kate Irwin, D&D's principal art director, said she wanted to bring the epic scale to life through the adventures art. Chapters begin with double-page images often inspired by World War I and World War II photos. Another image depicts the knights of Solamnia going to war.

Irwin said this is the beginning of the conflict. They are fleeing their home and heading off to an uncertain future, yet knowing that they must do what they must do.

Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy) and Stephen Baker (HeroQuest, Battle Masters)' cooperative board game Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn will be available for purchase in the future. What Happens in Shadow of the Dragon Queen?

Warriors of Krynn will not be a traditional wargame that relies on players having different abilities depending on their character class.

Schneider said you're still playing your roles. Youre having your adventures in the fray or at the edges of battle, doing the things that are critical to truly turn the tide of battle.

The game also revives Draconians, humanoids born from stolen eggs from Takhsis (traditionally considered bad guy) chromatic dragons.

It makes the metallic dragons stand down because the chromatics have kidnapped their babies, but it also means that the chromatics have this formidable army that they're building, and nobody will stop them, at least nobody who's equal in power, according to Irwin.

Shadow of the Dragon Queen will not contain a grand tourette of the world of Krynn, but will include a poster map of the Ansalon continent. Additionally, it will include information on the various groups, organizations, and races found in Dragonlance to inspire player characters.

Although you may encounter familiar faces, the focus will be on the player characters rather than the heroines of Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss' novels, which are currently developing a new Dragonlance trilogy.

Schneider said the story is a new one. Were not beholden to the original Dragonlance adventures. Were not beholden to the novels. All of the legends we know and love are out there doing their thing, but this is a vast world and there is a massive world-spanning conflict going on. Lets put you and your characters at the center of these stories and see what roles they have in turning the tide of this larger conflict.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen will be released on December 6, but you may also get early access to D&D Beyond by purchasing both the digital and the physical versions together for $59.94 when purchased together. The board game Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn will also be available for $154.98.

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