Homophobic PC mods for Insomniacs Spider-Man are banned by popular PC mod sites

Homophobic PC mods for Insomniacs Spider-Man are banned by popular PC mod sites ...

Spider-Man, a sprawling open-world superhero game, has recently moved from PlayStation exclusivity to Windows PC, just as Sonys God of War did earlier this year. Naturally, the growing community loves the game, as it now has the ability to transform Spider-Man into Kingpin and other characters.

Nevertheless, some modders took this newfound freedom for granted, ignoring the various Pride flags scattered around Marvels Spider-Mans New York and substituting them with American flags. Thankfully, popular mod sites Nexus Mods and ModDB have taken a stand against this practice.

Nexus Mods released a blog on its website on Thursday, addressing a silly incident. The user uploaded an anti-LGBTQ mod using a sock puppet account that removed all of the in-game Pride flags. This resulted in the site runners banning both the sock puppet account and the users main account.

In regard to the removal of Pride flags in this game or any game, our policy is this: We are for inclusion and we are for diversity, according to user Dark0ne, the creator of the Nexus Mods blog entry. If we suspect that someone is deliberately trolling other users with mods in order to stoke an increase, we will take action against them.

Nexus Mods can only remove hateful mods from its site, not delete them entirely, according to Dark0ne. [...] If this policy annoys you, or if we have broken some moral code of conduct as a business that you cannot accept, please remove your account.

A fan tweeted evidence of a mod that specifically addressed stupid Pride flags and was tagged with both Trump and Trump 2024 on the ModDB website. The ModDB Twitter account stated that the site is an inclusive environment for all people and that it does not permit targeting marginalized groups.

While site-specific restrictions like these will never completely eradicate hateful mods, Nexus Mods and ModDBs actions send a clear message of inclusion to gamers in and out of the PC gaming industry.