Fans of World of Warcraft simply want Blizzard to be patient with Night Elves

Fans of World of Warcraft simply want Blizzard to be patient with Night Elves ...

Night Elves have been a part of the Warcraft universe since Warcraft 3, and they are the source of all elf-kind. They are one of the most popular factions in World of Warcraft, and they have a long history and plenty of history to explore. However, the civilization has also had to deal with some difficulties in the turbulent world of Azeroth.

Fans are optimistic about the Night Elves' future as a result of recent data-mined text from the Dragonflight alpha. This suggests that Malfurion Stormrage might be sent on a metaphysical bus to the Shadowlands, separating him once more from his lover, Tyrande Whisperwind. If the story currently on test realms comes to pass, it might not.

The story is subject to change; because it is in beta, nothing is set in stone. A group of dedicated fans have taken to social media to express their love for the Night Elves in hopes that they may help light a brighter path for their favorite characters.

Ammatice, a Ukrainian artist, started Twitter in an effort to mobilize support for the faction. Fans have been using the hashtag to share fan art and impressive cosplay since 2008. Back in 2008, Ammatice told Polygon via Twitter messages. I still remember that moment when Teldrassil was playing in the background.

Tor ilisartheranal! Joining #MightOfNightElves with Adanora as a Night Warrior #Warcraft

More of my own paintings for #MightOfNightElves

Night Elves are so dear to me #MightOfNightElves

Ammatice was fascinated by the beautiful elves and their magical forest creatures, and it inspired her to make fan art for the faction. She said it's amazing how Night Elves consist of many different ideas, including an Amazon-like army of Sentinels and aristocrats obsessed with magic and power.

Drekky, a Russian artist and Night Elf fan, also expressed their admiration for Polygon. I fell in love with the Night Elves in Warcraft 3, according to their tweets. They had a lot of character intrigue, a fun atmosphere, and a unique matriarchal structure, something I didn't expect to see back then.

My tribute to #MightOfNightElves#warcraft is posted on

#MightOfNightElves Sketch One of my favorite races in Azeroth. Literally every second of my characters is a night elf :D I hope I can draw them more often#warcraftart

My love for Night elves is what made me fall in love with them. Their culture, religion, and mysticism are what made me fall in love with them.

Night Elves is the reason I started playing World of Warcraft in the first place. All cosplays by me.

Watching the Night Elves story advance through World of Warcraft has had its highs and lows. The destruction of Teldrassil was a disastrous low; the story event included the genocide of the Night Elf people and the burning of their World Tree home, and it was largely depicted through the eyes of the perpetrators.

Lemongrace, an artist and player in the World of Warcraft community, predicts Shadowlands to be a time of peace and restoration for the night elf type. While some decisions made back then were discussed extensively in the night elf communities, I still think it was a pleasure to play through it as a nelf [Night Elf] player.

Drekky: I want Blizzard to appreciate this spooky race of magical and feral matriarchal elves, who shared so many beliefs, women, and POCs. I want them to be shared for the first time since Warcraft III.

Lemongrass and others who are sharing their art via #MightofNightElves are adamantly supportive of them. During my quest in WoW, I discovered that many of the night elf players Ive encountered have been some of the most passionate people with a deep connection to their characters and the story, and that the race they created has enchanted people for years. This is what I like about the night elf and the nelf community.