George Miller's luscious fantasy Three Thousand Years of Longing is shown here

George Miller's luscious fantasy Three Thousand Years of Longing is shown here ...

The predictable isnt on the list of things George Miller has been dubbed over the past 40 years in which he has been a writer-director. The same guy who directed the animated dancing-penguin films Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two, the deeply odd family-movie sequel Babe: Pig in the City, the Oscar-nominated historical drama Lorenzos Oil

While these films vary in tone and focus, it may be best to consider them all as a single body of work, considering that they are all fables. Some are directed more towards youngsters, others are directed towards adults, but in all cases, Millers stories focus on mythical quests and the people who are using them to uncover themselves.

The Djinn in the Nightingales Eye, by A.S. Byatts' 1994 short story, modern-day scholar Alithea (Tilda Swinton) frees her with three millennia of his adventures, loves, and losses in this CG adventure.

Alithea, who is totally unprepared, gets her first glimpse at the djinn, who has a bit of difficulty adapting to the size of 21st-century hotel rooms.

Except for the name change, Byatts' words in the story are quite literal:

Dr. Perholt walked out of the bathroom with a high-pitched buzzing sound, of woodsmoke, of cinnamon, of sulphur, of something that might have been incense, but was? A big paisley or comma hung over the door, hidden by what she slowly made out to be a gigantic foot, covered with olive-colored skin, not scaly but somehow mailed.

The foot began to change shape. It swelled and then it narrowed a bit so that Gillian might have squeezed round it, but thought it was safer not to do it. It was then drawn back, still expanding, so that Gillian might be able to follow.

Miller skips over the part Byatt goes on to describe about how the enormous djinn, who has folded uncomfortably into her room, wears a short robe that does not cover his genitals. Or how, as he shrinks down a bit at a time to fit on her bed, he leaves his junk until the last, so at one point he was almost hidden behind the mound of his private parts, which he then shrank and tucked away.

On August 26, Three Thousand Years of Longing will be released in cinemas.