The new D&D album is now available for download and play

The new D&D album is now available for download and play ...

On Tuesday, Wizards of the Coast released Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, a three-volume love letter to Dungeons & Dragons' darkest setting. It also released a lavish new album, called Spelljams, which is now available for streaming and download.

Chris Perkins, the story architect, had selected Chris Funk, the lead guitarist of The Decemberists, to curate the album. Together with others members of the campaigns development team, they discussed their work and how they might approach things like Wildspace, space clowns, space vampires, and space whales.

Every musician would be introduced to the Spelljammer game, according to Chris Lindsey, the product marketing manager at Wizards. We would go into depth into what it is like to play in a Spelljammer game, and it was really a transformative experience for each one of the musicians [...] You can almost see with some of them, as they begin assembling their songs, and then they would be so excited to take the time to compose their songs.

In Space Is A Place, Reggie Watts channels David Hasselhoff in a moody synth track from Magic Sword.

The triple gatefold album will also be available in a vinyl collectors edition. The Dungeon Masters screen will also be available. (Weve put in an official request for vinyl decals for your van.)