Next week, Arc 3.0 will be released for Destiny 2, giving Hunters a new Super and Titans a run

Next week, Arc 3.0 will be released for Destiny 2, giving Hunters a new Super and Titans a run ...

With theArc 3.0 update, the last Light subclass update is finally coming to Destiny 2 with a blog post on its website Wednesday morning, but no footage (Players will have to wait to see Arc 3.0 in action during the Destiny 2 Showcase on Aug. 23).

This new Arc version is all about mobility and being up-close and personal with opponents. Like all of the other 3.0 subclasses, Arc 3.0 includes new effects (which Bungie refers to as verbs, Aspects, and Fragments) that allow players to personalize their gear in response to this new play style.

Let's take a look at the latest additions.

The verbs

Amplified is the most commonly used word in Arc 3.0, namely because it does not require you to equip an Aspect or Fragment to activate it. Amplified is an essential feature of each Arc 3.0 class, and everyone may activate it by simply getting multi-killing abilities. (You may also activate Amplified in other ways through Aspects and Fragments).

Once Amplified, youll be able to move faster and have better weapon handling. Youll also be able to slide much farther than usual. Adding a few seconds while Amplified will give you a huge speed boost, an even better slide, and a PvE-only damage resistance bonus.

With Arc 3.0, Blind, Jolt, and Ionic Traces are the other terms to know. Unlike Amplified, Blind and Jolt only affect your enemies. Ionic Traces sit in the middle, spawning from enemies or abilities while benefiting you.

In PvE, blinded enemies will not be able to see you or use their weapons. In PvP, itll create a flashbang effect for enemy players.

Jolting an enemy essentially enlivens them with electricity. Subsequent strikes of damage on a Jolted target will send damaging chain lightning effects to nearby targets.

Ionic Traces, which are only available for Arc Warlocks since their introduction in Forsaken, will work similarly to Hunters and Titans in certain situations. Picking them up will grant you ability energy.

Hunter updates

With Arc 3.0, hunters are receiving the most attention.

For the first time since the original Destiny, Arc Hunters will be able to block and deflect with their Arc Staff Super. And after getting a raw deal with the subclass additions in Forsaken, Arc Hunters are finally getting a new Super called Gathering Storm.

Hunters leap into the air and chuck their Arc Staff like a spear as a result of the spell. When it is inserted into the ground or into an enemy, a lightning bolt will strike the staff and overcharge it, forming a temporary damage zone.

Three Arc Aspects will be added to Hunters' play style:

  • Flow State: Killing a Jolted enemy Amplifies you. While Amplified, you gain increased reload time, faster dodge recharge, and damage resistance.
  • Tempest Strike: Meleeing while sliding causes you to send out a wave of lightning on the ground, which deals damage and Jolts enemies.
  • Lethal Current: Dodging extends the range of your next melee attack, which also Jolts targets and creates a lightning aftershock. Lethal Current also enhances your Arc Staff Super, causing it to hit twice. Melee attacking a Jolted enemy also Blinds them.

Warlock updates

With Arc 3.0, warlocks are changing the least.

Both Chaos Reach and Stormtrance will be back, although the latter will be a combination of Landfall and teleportation trees. Warlocks will also maintain their two separate Arc melee attacks. The first is a chain lightning ability, which will zaps opponents.

Comparing to other classes, Warlocks have an additional interaction with the Amplified buff. For example, the ball lightning melee will strike three times, while the chain lightning melee will strike more targets.

Three Arc 3.0 Aspects will be added to Warlocks:

  • Arc Soul: Casting a Rift creates an Arc Soul that will assist you. Allies who step into your Rift will also gain an Arc Soul. While Amplified, your Arc Soul fires faster. Your Rift recharges faster while allies are nearby.
  • Lightning Surge: Activating your melee attack while sliding will transform you into a ball of lightning, which teleports you forward, jolting targets in the area.
  • Electrostatic Mind: Killing enemies with Arc damage or getting kills on Arc-debuffed targets creates Ionic Traces. Collecting Ionic Traces also makes you Amplified.

Titan updates

With Arc 3.0, Titans will get several new features. Thundercrash (which is unchanged from its current iteration) and Fist of Havoc (also in Arc 3.0) will get the best out of both trees, as well as an aerial AoE.

Thruster, a new class ability, is coming to Titans, although it cannot be activated while on the ground, as Hunter Dodge. It is different from the original Destinys Twilight Garrison Exotic (an armor piece that Bungie promised would never restore, leading to some fans harassing the developers on Twitter). Thruster will be able to boost themselves in a given direction, which acts as an escape.

Titans can hold their melee button down while charging an attack, causing a lot of damage to their opponent if the attack is charged for long enough. In the Crucible, an adversary can be killed instantly.

Titans will also get three Arc 3.0 Aspects, as well as the other classes.

  • Touch of Thunder: Improves Arc grenades depending on their type. Flashbang grenades can also Blind enemies on the first bounce. Pulse grenades will create an Ionic Trace and increase their damage output over time. Lightning grenades will gain a second charge and will Jolt targets. Storm grenades will create a mobile cloud that tracks and zaps enemies.
  • Juggernaut: While sprinting with your class ability fully charged, youll gain a frontal shield that blocks damage (and its stronger when youre Amplified). Enemies can break the shield with enough damage, which will drain your class ability energy.
  • Knockout: Your melee kills will trigger health regeneration and make you Amplified. Breaking an enemy shield or critically wounding them increases melee range and damage. Knockout also causes your melee attacks to count as dealing Arc damage.

The Fragments

Bungie also previewed four of the new Arc 3.0 Fragments. There will be many more Fragments in the future, but Bungie is keeping the rest of them under wraps.

  • Spark of Beacons: When youre Amplified, Arc special weapon kills create a Blinding explosion.
  • Spark of Resistance: When youre surrounded, you gain increased damage resistance.
  • Spark of Momentum: If you slide over ammo, youll reload your weapon and gain melee energy. Youll gain even more energy when sliding over heavy ammo.
  • Spark of Shock: Your Arc grenades will Jolt enemies.

Arc 3.0 will launch alongside Destiny 2 season 18, which will launch on August 23 after the Destiny 2 Showcase.

Bungie has updated its article to clarify that the Titans' new Thruster ability requires them to be on the ground rather than in the air. This makes the game different from the original Destiny's Twilight Garrison.

In the Titan updates section of this article, weve changed the language around Thruster.