Cursed to Golf is the world's toughest video game golf course

Cursed to Golf is the world's toughest video game golf course ...

The typical golf video game has six or seven courses and well over 100 holes. Is There a Course Like Golf? There is only one course with 18 holes. And struggling to get out of a sand trap willt result in a bogey as much as your eternal damnation.

This is not a typical golf video game. It is the most difficult and creative twist on the golf formula Ive ever played. And I still havent completed those 18 holes.

Cursed to Golf has fundamental similarities to the traditional golf game (hit a ball with a stick until it hits a hole), but it rapidly deviates from that model in unexpected ways.

Every hole in Cursed to Golf requires a set amount of strokes to complete. You're knocked into a portal and you have to start over from hole one. You'll have to collect more strokes by smashing statues scattered around the course, which might add two or four more life-giving strokes.

You can also use an assortment of consumable cards to help you stand out. The easiest is a mulligan, which allows you to retake a shot without losing your stroke total. Another allows you to put your ball in three at the touch of a button, potentially saving you from a danger.

It may seem like youve been given an incredible advantage, but make sure you keep your card collection to a minimum. Its easy to fall behind on your stroke count and just start burning your cards until youve had no chance to finish the hole. In your quest out of hell, every shot is vital.

Cursed to Golf is far more intense and strategic than most golf games, which usually put me in a meditative trance. This is less reminiscent of hardcore roguelikes like Spelunky HD and Slay the Spire, where a moment of careless play can result in catastrophe.

There's also the problem of randomness to deal with. It's a bit unfair to say that Cursed to Golf is only 18 holes long, since the rules are actually generated. Hazard and statue placements change every time you start from scratch, so you can't just memorize the most effective approach to every hole.

The first time through a new theme will undoubtedly end in death as you misinterpret a danger and burn a handful of strokes trying to get through it. You'll continue to challenge yourself with new challenges.

While most of the Cursed to Golf variations are excellent, there are a few shortcomings with certain game design choices. When you are aiming your ball, your view is painfully limited. In the long run, this can be devastating when so much is on the line, but you can also prepare for this by playing less risky.

Even after several terrible deaths, I have found myself getting closer and closer to the coveted 18th hole on every run, with no desire to stop until I have regained my mortality. Its a testament to Chuhai Labs' skill in executing such a complex formula that I havent stopped even after several devastating deaths.

Cursed to Golf is available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game was reviewed on PC using a pre-release download code provided by Chuhai Labs. These do not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for purchases made through affiliate links.

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