The tier list and reroll guide for Awaken: Chaos Era

The tier list and reroll guide for Awaken: Chaos Era ...

Awaken: Chaos Era is a fantastic RPG game that takes you to a futuristic reality where a conflict between light and darkness continues. It's time to get out of the fray yourself, and become the hero this country desperately needs. Of course, you cant achieve it all by yourself, but, fortunately, you don't have to.

Weve taken it upon ourselves to categorize them in our Awaken: Chaos Era tier list. Some of these heroes require you to wade the white flag of surrender before you can charge. We have a reroll guide for you to follow along with the game.

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Here's my Awaken: Chaos Era tier list, without further ado.

Awaken: Chaos Era tier list

RankAwaken: Chaos Era tier list
SAbbadon, Zatlux, Tia, William, Connor
AGangelo, Corrupt Orakh, Mulhex, Windstrex, Hakrin, Siress, Joseph, Shadowblood, Valeria, Zachary, Ciara, Santis, Evelyn, Helmar, Hydrissea
BBalberith, Imogenn, Gubeg, Evelyn Firstdawn, Darkened Nicklaus, Ediciris, Myla, Savannah, Antigua, Andre, Vance, Scarlett, Earendil, Rogge, Celine, Freya, Crazed Urzag, Hugh, Valuk, Lydia, Mognar, Scarlett, Melizza, Rickard
CKyle, Lunar Melizza, Vught, Jacob, Lightwing Zachary, Barack, Ravyn, Agzul, Yolanda, Ztlin, Virgil, Hulens
DRourke, Kane, Muudos, Tuzago, Anna, Cece, Kaluk, Maluk, Dulov, Ghajar, Vidar, Rujago

How do I perform an Awaken: Chaos Era reroll?

Rerolling an Awaken: Chaos Era is relatively simple. Follow these steps, and youll have the hero you want in no time:

  • Fire up Awaken: Chaos Era
  • Begin the game with a guest account
  • Go through the tutorial
  • Hit the settings button from the menu at the top of the screen
  • In the account tab, select redemption code
  • Enter Hello100 to receive 100 summon scrolls
  • Claim the items from your mailbox
  • Roll for the characters
  • Repeat the process until you get the characters you want

Once you're satisfied with your characters, you may link the account to your email address by visiting the account tab in the settings menu.

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