Before the eShops Close Forever, Get The Best 3DS And Wii U DLC

Before the eShops Close Forever, Get The Best 3DS And Wii U DLC ...

The 3DS and Wii U eShops are now closed. You probably got that from the title. The entire closure will be on the 27th of March, 2023, with some games becoming unavailable even before that.

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Depending on how you want to add funds, 3DS and Wii U eShop cards may still be used until August 29th. If you link your Nintendo account to your Switch account, you may add credit until March 2023, so there's not a huge rush. We've got a guide for that too, with a bonus discount:

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We've also provided a guide to the best Wii U, 3DS, and DSiWare exclusive games to get:

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downloadable content that will also sabotage the Wii U and Wii U eShops when it fails. So, we've compiled yet another list for you, this time for the free and paid DLC that you may obtain from the Wii U and Wii U eShops. We hope you enjoy this informative list!

Let's get listing.

Fantasy Life (3DS)

Cost: 7.19 / 7.99 / $8.99

The Fantasy Life one is by far the best bang-for-your-buck. Origin Island, which can only be accessed once you've purchased the main story and reached level 50, adds six new areas, new enemies, and new weapons, and a bunch of new characters to the game in general!

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  • $69.89
  • 35.10
  • Amazon (UK)

Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U)

Cost: Free

The Wii U version of Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't paid for, although there are optional downloadable packs that improve the game's performance, such as fixing things like texture pop-ins and adding HD textures. They're worth getting for anyone who has a disc copy of the game, but be aware that they're quite small in file size.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (3DS eShop)

Spirit of Justice has three paid DLC chapters, two of which are jokey, 30-minute long stories, and the third is a full case. It's also a 3DS eShop only release, so grab it here if you want it on iOS!

Here's a breakdown of each:

Phoenix Wright is an Asinine attorney.

Cost: $3.99 / 3.59 / 3.99

Phoenix must prove that Pearl Fey is Princess Rayfa in order to get more time for a rescue operation. It's quite hands-off, and only provides two pieces of evidence to present during your trial.

Attorney for Apollo Justice: Asinine

Cost: $3.99 / 3.59 / 3.99

Apollo has to go toe-to-toe with Klavier Gavin in arguing that Princess Rayfa should be allowed one more day in America. Not quite as hands-off as Phoenix's mini-case, but does involve more evidence and action. Comes with a 3DS theme.

Time Traveler on the Turnabout

Cost: $5.99 / 5.39 / 5.99

This DLC episode takes place during a wedding that went wrong. With plenty of interesting characters and the return of Larry Butz, this episode is well worth the price for anyone who enjoys the Ace Attorney games. It's one of the finest cases in Spirit of Justice.


Cost: $0.99 / 0.99 / 0.89

Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena wear different outfits for the three main leads, respectively. (Possibly meant to be Ryunosuke Naruhodo) and Athena as Tres Bien's waitress. Maggey Byrde's outfits

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies (3DS eShop)

Cost: $5.99 / 4.99 / 3.99

Dual Destinies has an additional case available as DLC. It's called Turnabout Reclaimed, and it's one of the game's finest cases, in which Phoenix must defend... an orca. This DLC episode also includes Phoenix's "Nostalgic Sweater," with the big heart on the front, from Turnabout Memories.

Players may also download a costume pack that includes Phoenix's original outfit, Apollo's casual outfit, and Athena's Themis Academy uniform.

Dual Destinies is a 3DS eShop only release, and is available only on iOS unless you want it!

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS)

Cost: $0.99 / 1.00 / 0.90 per head

Theatrhythm has a huge amount of free downloads from previous Final Fantasy games, so it's smart to grab all of them while you can. They're all available for a total of $51.48 and can be purchased separately.

  • $13.40
  • 19.48
  • Amazon (UK)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)

Cost: $0.99 / 1.00 / 0.90 per person

Curtain Call has also been released as a DLC pack, including characters and 100 songs to download, as well as songs from other Square Enix games such as Chrono Trigger and Live A Live.

Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)

For each route, it costs $19.99 / 17.99 / 19.99.

The third campaign for Fire Emblem Fates, Revelation, is only available as digital DLC or as part of a very limited edition physical printing. In the main story, you'd want you to choose a side between Birthright and Conquest, but in Revelation, you'll choose no side, and it's an excellent purchase.

The game you didn't receive Birthright or Conquest as DLC for the same price as Revelation is also available. Players who play through two or all three paths will also receive bonus in-game content.

From Serenes Forest, you may also download map packs. Here's a breakdown of their prices and contents.

Note: Can be purchased as a whole for $17.99 / 16.19 / 17.99, which includes an additional 10,000G.

Before AwakeningExalts Brand, Heros Brand (first time), Pebble (unlimited)Free
A Gift from AnnaSighting Lens or Witchs Mark (first time)N/AFree
Boo CampExperience (unlimited)$2.49 / 2.29 / 2.49
Beach BrawlSpecial illustrations$2.49 / 2.29 / 2.49
Ghostly GoldFunds (unlimited)$2.49 / 2.29 / 2.49
Museum MeleeWeapons (unlimited)$2.49 / 2.29 / 2.49
Royal RoyaleVarious stat-boosters (first time), Dread Scroll, Ebon Wing (unlimited)$2.49 / 2.29 / 2.49
Hidden Truths (1 and 2)Fell Brand, First Blood (unlimited)$4.49 / 4.09 / 4.49
Vanguard DawnVanguard Brand (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
Anna on the RunAnna (first time)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
Ballistician BlitzSighting Lens (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
Witches TrialWitchs Mark (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.9

Can be purchased as a whole for $17.99 / 16.19 / 17.99, which comes with an additional 10,000G.

Another Gift From AnnaBoots and Paragon (first time)N/AFree
I: In Endless DreamsSkilltaker and Lucktaker (unlimited)$0.49 / 0.49 / 0.49
II: Realms CollideMagictaker (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
III: The Changing TideStrengthtaker (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
IV: Lights SacrificeDefensetaker (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
V: Endless DawnSpeedtaker, Resistancetaker (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99
End: Lost in the WavesPoint Blank (unlimited)$1.99 / 1.79 / 1.99