In 'Little Orpheus,' you'll face off against a gigantic T-Rex

In 'Little Orpheus,' you'll face off against a gigantic T-Rex ...

Secret Mode, a publisher, has announced that Little Orpheus, a side-scrolling adventure title, will launch on Nintendo Switch next month on September 13th.

The launch follows a delay in the game in March of this year due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. At the time, the publisher stated that "some of the themes and content may be disturbing to players," as a result of potentially offensive references to the Soviet Union. However, after looking through the game in the months since, it has concluded that the game developed by The Chinese Room of Dear Esther and Everyone's Gone To The Rapture fame may launch without any changes to its content.

Here's a rundown of the game from its official eShop page:

Comrade Ivan Ivanovich, a brave yet hapless hero, travels beyond the imagination exploring lost civilizations, underwater kingdoms, prehistoric jungles, and mysterious areas! Cheer as he triumphs over unimaginable odds and unimaginable dangers in the subterranean worlds!

Little Orpheus is a subterranean epic that youll never forget. Comrades, to the center!


A stunning, colorful world remastered with high-resolution textures, new moves and animations, enhanced graphics and lighting effects, and more A moving tale of adventure and humor by the award-winning masters at The Chinese Room, the creators of Dear Esther and Everybodys Gone to the Rapture Award-winning vocal performances and a world-class music score by BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry and Jim Fowler Includes the bonus 9th episode A Rush of Onion to the Head and the Lost Recordings

This one looks quite intriguing! Will you be able to pick it up when it goes on sale next month? Let us know in the comments!

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