Video: Digital Foundry Addresses Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Texture Complaints

Video: Digital Foundry Addresses Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Texture Complaints ...

We're all pretty happy to have more Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to play, right? Thanks to the Booster Course Pass, which began with Wave 1 in March and recently followed up with Wave 2 earlier this month, there's been one common complaint among enthusiasts about the way the courses appear in comparison to the base game.

Digital Foundry has now shared its thoughts on the 16 new tracks that we currently have access to, comparing them to the 48 courses in Mario Kart Tour and their Mario Kart Tour originals (Sky-High Sundae). This is what Digital Foundry believes is the "matter" of the issue.

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Digital Foundry points out that Nintendo took a different approach to bringing the game to Switch, such as adding more detail to the textures such as the sand, grass, roads, and even houses, which makes the 16 new courses stand out.

DF notes that the new courses "have flat, low-detail textures in general, particularly on trackside geometry and foliage," but that they have a "clay-like appearance" as a result, and that if you look close, you'll "observe some grime and roughness has been blended in with overlaid detail textures."

Other things that DF notices in its analysis are that tracksides buildings, flowers, and even trees in the distance look quite different. The bushes lack "alpha textures," and graphics tools like "cubemaps" that are used for reflections are much lower in resolution.

When Wave 2 came out, Nintendo patched some visual improvements to the Wave 1 courses, but there are still a few visual flaws:

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DF also reflects on the previous versions of Tour as well as in other Mario Kart games, noting texture improvements and especially real-time shadows (Tour uses baked-in ones), but also that at the end of the day, we'll have 96 courses in total by the end of the year.

On Eurogamer, you can see Digital Foundry's whole thoughts on the Booster Course Pass, or watch the video below for some side-by-side comparisons.

What do you think of the Booster Course Pass visuals? Are you just content to get more Mario Kart every few months? Let us know!