The Next Title From The Blazing Chrome Developers Is A Shinobi-Futuristic Tribute

The Next Title From The Blazing Chrome Developers Is A Shinobi-Futuristic Tribute ...

Back in 2019, JoyMasher blew us away with its Contra-inspired run-and-gunner, Blazing Chrome. So we're thrilled that it's following it up with something that looks equally good, and it's coming to Switch as well!

JoyMasher is returning to Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive stalwarts such as Shinobi and other action platformers on the NES, SNES, and Sega systems, and it looks and sounds similar to Mega Drive classics we grew up playing. Think Robocop but with a ninja robot, and you're not far off what to expect here.

The Arcade Crew, who released the retro-inspired Infernax earlier this year, has an eye for classic pixel art games, and given JoyMasher's previous work, we're eager to get our hands on this one.

Here's a sneak peek at the game's press release: The Arcade Crew

Vengeful Guardian: Moonriders' design preserves the finest classic action game elements in the focused gaze of its ninja, keeping combat swift, responsive, and challenging. The game's gorgeously dark world expertly recreates the 16-bit era through intricate pixel art and crunchy audio, weaving a striking, compact gauntlet across eight deadly stages.

In Vengeful Guardian, humanity finds an unlikely hero: Moonriders oppressed the world; authoritarian governments have built super soldiers as weapons of war, but their creators have sealed their fate by bringing the warrior known as Moonrider online. Conceived as a tool to uphold a totalitarian state, the Moonrider has chosen to wage a relentless vengeance against its creators and fellow super soldiers.

Sign us up. Any day of the week, you can be a robotic ninja warrior and fight totalitarianism. These screens also show off the game's pixel art. It's like those grungy-looking classics from the 1990s.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider will be released on the Switch eShop this Fall, so keep an eye on the release date in the future. In the meantime, please take a look at our review:

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Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider: What do you think? Are you ready for some tough Shinobi-style platforming and combat? Let us know in the comments!