Pokemon Go Fans Rally For A Youngster After Failing Shiny Encounter

Pokemon Go Fans Rally For A Youngster After Failing Shiny Encounter ...

Every once in a while, a story comes along to remind us how beneficial the gaming community can be. Dexerto provided a story about how fans from across the world have rallied to support a five-year-old Pokemon Go player who missed out on a 'legendary' Wurmple.

The thought of finding out that you have no Poke Balls when confronted with a shiny is enough to make the sweat run cold for anyone who has ever played Pokemon Go; however, very few of us have ever seen this nightmare become a reality.

The horror of his young nephew was too soon exposed by bobduncanswerve7, who shared the tragic story with gut-punching photographic evidence. Now, news like this would normally get the heart pumping, but this one has no Hollywood ending, as the Redditor begrudgingly realized that his innocent nephew did not have any Poke Balls to catch the little critter (the horror).

The 'Purmple' managed to escape, leaving the five-year-old boy without his shiny catch. His uncle posted the following message to the Reddit thread, informing all who are genuinely concerned:

We were unable to catch it. No pokestops, no daily friend gifts, nothing. However, I promised him that I'll make up for it by getting him a shiny or a legendary item, probably Zacian or Zamazenta.

Although this is a tragic tale on the surface, the Pokemon community's overwhelming positive response has been enough to encourage us to realize that it's not all doom and goomy. What started off with helpful suggestions about what a young player might do in the future in order to prevent such tragic events from happening again, soon became a outpouring of support for the uncle-nephew hunting duo.

Below, we have collated some of the most positive responses, from pleas for an in-game Poke Ball purchase to heartfelt condolences, to remind you of the good in the gaming community.

The Pokemon community instead reminded us that while we may not be the greatest person like nobody ever was, it is still quite possible to be a good person.

What happened to you the most heartbreaking Pokemon moment? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

[source dexerto.com]

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