Pokemon GO Twitch Codes List - World Championship 2022

Pokemon GO Twitch Codes List - World Championship 2022 ...

The Pokemon World Championship for 2022 will take place from Thursday 18th August to Sunday 21st August, and over the long weekend, The Pokemon Company will be giving away free promo codes for Pokemon GO.

These codes will be issued every hour during World Championship streaming over on Twitch, and you'll be able to take part in exclusive limited-time research if you redeem one.

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It's easy to miss the code due to the fast Twitch chat can move sometimes! However, we'll keep you updated with all of the codes from the event as well as when all of the Pokemon GO streams will be available.

On this page:

Twitch Codes for Pokemon GO - Active For Limited-Time Research

The game currently has no active codes. However, the next event is scheduled to start at 1:00am PT / 4:00am ET / 9:00am BST / 10:00am CET tomorrow, 19th August.

The first code should be available at this time if the pattern remains constant. We'll update this page as soon as we have the first code.

Pokemon GO Promo CodeExpires
The next set will begin at 1:00am PT / 4:00am ET / 9:00am BST / 10:00am CET tomorrow, 19th August 2022N/A

Each code will be valid till the time specified, but since there will be many codes distributed across the streams, you will not have to watch from the start. Each code will provide the same Timed Research.

When you receive the code, you will be able to select from the following encounter rewards:

  • Team Option 1: Ariados, Pelipper, Galarian Stunfisk
  • Team Option 2: Skarmory, Swampert, Drapion
  • Team Option 3: Talonflame, Venusaur, Jellicent

If you're unsure where to enter the code, read our guide on how to redeem Pokemon GO promo codes.

Twitch Codes List for Pokemon GO - Limited-Time Research

Here are some of the codes that have been handed out and have expired since the start of the Pokemon World Championships streams.

Pokemon GO Promo CodeExpired
4YW5Z4EB6RV8U4:59 pm BST / 8:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
VVRBFQV7S4BQP3:59 pm BST / 7:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
P7Y2G5M3SJF442:59 pm BST / 6:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
947F4SY9LHBS71:59 pm BST / 5:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
DESQFCLP4CDPP12:59 pm BST / 4:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
NSNATBHDNNTDU11:59 am BST / 3:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
R3YJVKBDH5RUH10:59 am BST / 2:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022
TTYKCVDLP7K5C9:59 am BST / 1:59 am PT, 18th Aug 2022

Twitch Stream Schedule for the Pokemon World Championship 2022 - Pokemon GO

All of the Pokemon GO streams will be available on the official Pokemon GO Twitch channel throughout the first three days of the tournament. We'll be listing all of the times down here so you don't miss out on a stream.

Stream DateTimeEvent
18th Aug, 20229:30 am - 5:00 pm BSTPokemon GO Last Chance Qualifier
19th Aug, 20229:00 am - 3:00 pm BSTPokemon GO Main Double Elimination Bracket
20th Aug, 20229:00 am - 4:00 pm BSTMain Bracket, Finals, and Trophy Presentation

Worlds T-Shirt Codes List - Pokemon GO Twitch Codes

From the 18th to the 22nd August, you'll be able to get yourself a special in-game Worlds T-shirt for your avatar.

Pokemon GO Promo CodeWhat You GetExpires
WRGUZRVKRR2M3Worlds T-Shirt00:59 am BST, 22nd Aug 2022

As more Pokemon GO promo codes become available during the Championships, we'll update this page. Good luck!

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