Bob Hoskins Didn't Know The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was Based On A Game

Bob Hoskins Didn't Know The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was Based On A Game ...

The Super Mario Bros. film is the gift that keeps on giving. Although it was criticized by many, it wiggled its way into the hearts of many thanks to its reputation and interviews in the years following. Bob Hoskins, who played Mario, has garnered attention due to how much he disliked working on the film.

Hoskins apparently didn't even know that the film was based on a video game in an interview from back in the day that has since been resurfaced thanks to @ATRightMovies!

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Hoskins claims in the interview that his son taught him that Super Mario Bros. was a video game, and then proceeded to show him the little red pixelated plumber jumping up and down. His thoughts? "I used to play King Lear."

Hoskins' directorial response is priceless. However, his opinions on the film stand in contrast to those of his co-star John Leguizamo, who said the film began back in the day.

One Twitter user cherry-picked the same funny sentence we used, but we couldn't allow this response to go unnoticed, because it's exactly the kind of joke we'd rather have. Bravo.

Over the next years, we'll keep discovering little details about the film. The film will be 30 years old next year, so maybe there will be a large gathering?

Next year, we'll get a brand new animated Super Mario Bros. movie with Chris Pratt as the plumber. We'll have to see how that one stacks up to this classic.

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