This Prototype Turns Your Switch Into A Home Arcade Cabinet, Thanks To Random

This Prototype Turns Your Switch Into A Home Arcade Cabinet, Thanks To Random ...

When the Switch was first released back in 2017, one of the most appealing features was its ability to play in both a handheld and docked mode. But what if there was a different strategy to play? This is a question that has plagued the extremely talented designers over at Passocade, and what they came up with is surely a cocktail table arcade cabinet.

The table cabinet controller is designed to emulate the classic arcade controller right off the bat.

The above video shows the console in action with some of the console's retro-inspired titles such as Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, which feature this throwback playing mode. Some may prefer upright cabinets, but this one is quite practical for the brief periods when you're not beating Ken to a pulp with a Spinning Bird Kick.

Due in part to the introduction of the Nintendo Switch Online retro library, the Switch has become a fantastic port for a number of Nintendo classic games, but the Arcade Archives range also offers a huge selection of coin-op classics to choose from. We believe that each of these would be excellent materials for this arcade setting.

If you want that retro feel, why not try something less traditional, like Super Smash Bros. Ulimate or something non-arcade-y like Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll find yourself wanting to try newer titles.

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The device would be a must-have for any competitive gaming night as it has an HD monitor and documented cooperative capabilities. There is nothing quite like the shambles of an arcade cab!

Are you also looking for a Nintendo console? Let us know what you think below. And for other Nintendo big builds that have blown us away no end, check out the following links (which might cause serious envy):

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