Brian Stelter is leaving CNN as a reliable source is canceled amid Warner Bros. Discovery shakeups

Brian Stelter is leaving CNN as a reliable source is canceled amid Warner Bros. Discovery shakeups ...

Brian Stelter has been a CNN anchor for nine years, and his tenure has come to an end. On his Twitter feed, the media reporter revealed that his program Reliable Sources, the last of its kind on cable news, is coming to an end, and with it his own departure from the network.

Pucks Dylan Byers, a former media reporter who worked alongside Stelter at CNN, claims that Stelter was summoned to the new CNN head Chris Lichts office on Wednesday looking ashen. The last episode of Reliable Sources will air on Sunday, August 21.

Reliable Sources is the longest-running program in CNN's history. It started in 1992 and was taken over by Howard Kurtz for 15 years until he left to launch a similar program on FoxNews in 2013 called Media Buzz. The CNN show was unique in the television landscape: an hour-long weekly program analyzing not the what of news, but the how of news how journalists cover and frame stories and how those framings can shape our understanding of the facts.

Reliable Sources was created as a public editor for The New York Times, who often held CNN itself accountable. Stelter used it as a platform to ask tough questions about Jeff Zuckers' departure as well as Chris Cuomo's involvement in the network. The former is even more notable because it was believed that Stelter was a popular figure.

The Stelters newsletter has become a staple in media circles and is widely regarded as a must-read temperature check on the industry's health. CNN+ has been impacted by the Warner Bros. Discovery acquisition and its transformative impact, which, less than 30 days after the launch of WBD CEO David Zaslav's new regime and now-installed CNN CEO Chris Licht, resulted in the streaming service being canceled.

Stelter, a graduate of Towson University, has become one of the best-known media reporters in the last 15 years. While still in college, he launched his own website devoted to covering media issues, TVNewser, which he sold to MediaBistro after receiving a job as a media reporter right out of school with The New York Times.

At the age of 28, Stelter appeared across the network, often at unexpected hours of the day: His on-air presence for CNN's late-night coverage of David Bowies' death in January 2016 showed his versatility and ability to convey complex news narratives swiftly and competently. However, Stelter was a clearly well-honed TV personality, who most journalists who developed on the digital side like him would wish to possess.

Stelters' next moves aren't fully known.