Mindy Kaling, a legally blonde 3 writer, discusses her thoughts on Reese Witherspoon's lookalike daughter putting her in the film

Mindy Kaling, a legally blonde 3 writer, discusses her thoughts on Reese Witherspoon's lookalike dau ...

Mindy Kaling, the writer/director of The Office and The Mindy Project, has made several suggestions for a sequel. One recent suggestion the actress/writer/producer received is whether Reese Witherspoons' daughter Ava Phillippe might be included in the upcoming film.

Mindy Kaling sounds to like she enjoys her job! Deacon Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon's oldest son, guest starred in her Netflix series Never Have I Ever (which is currently no. 1), according to ExtraTV:

I believe I can do anything, and if that's something she wants to do, it's a joy to have her in it.

Reese Witherspoons firstborn, who she had with fellow actor Ryan Phillippe, is in her early 20s, making her around the same age her mother was when she filmed Legally Blonde. How fitting it would be to see Ava Phillippe join in on the cast of Legally Blonde 3 as she celebrates her 20-year career with her famous mother:

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Reese Witherspoon's daughter ordered a pink-colored drink during their hangout session, according to our records. Ava Phillippe is not pursuing acting, although she does have some original art she sells online. Other than that, she is pretty much out of the spotlight for the time being.

After dipping his toe in the acting pool for Never Have I Ever, Deacon Phillippe may be the one of the family to continue this tradition. It was his first credit to date, aside from going to college for music and releasing a couple songs under the name Deacon.

I'm curious how Reese Witherspoon's three children will develop their passions after becoming the children of two well-known actors. According to Kaling, Deacon Phillippe brought the charm on set, sending her a handwritten note after wrapping his short time on set thanking her for the opportunity.

As we await Legally Blonde 3, which Kaling is determined not to ruin after all these years, you may check out Deacon Phillippe in Never Have I Ever with a Netflix subscription. It's currently scheduled to release sometime in 2023.