Kanye West Firmly defends himself As An 'Innovator' Following Yeezy Gap's 'Trash Bag' Backlash

Kanye West Firmly defends himself As An 'Innovator' Following Yeezy Gap's 'Trash Bag' Backlash ...

Kanye West has made quite a few interesting choices in his time, both on the personal and professional front. His recent collaboration with Gap is just one of these, and unfortunately, not everyone is seeing his vision. The casualwear line, presented and piled up in massive heavy-duty bags on store floors, has been chastised for being both offensive to the homeless group it is homage to, but also ineffective for a commercial setting.

Ye was specifically asked about the yeezy Gap backlash he was receiving in an interview with Fox News. True to form, Ye was not apologising. In fact, it was very much giving Gap customers, Ima let you finish, but actually, Im the greatest designer of all time.

I am an innovator, and I am not here to stand up and apologize for my ideas. That's exactly what the media tries to accomplish: make us apologize for any idea that falls outside of what they think we should.

Kanye West clarified a few of the lesser points to clarify what is going on in his artistic process. These are not giant garbage bags, according to the rapper. Not that those bags are intended to store clothes either.

Ye accused himself of mocking the homeless by incorporating them into an aesthetic. Evidently, he wants to make fashion more egalitarian and unpretentious, and he praised his dedication to such endeavors.

This is not a joke, this is not a game, this is not a celebrity collaboration, this is my life. Im striving for a position to be able to change clothes and give the best design to the people.

Kanye West has made a brief appearance on his Instagram once more, claiming that children and the homeless were the primary inspiration for all design. It was also an unfortunate reminder to the Los Angeles Mission that he had failed to fulfill his promise to assist the homeless shelter and its residents since he left the company in November.

The celebrities' social media use has somewhat rekindled Kanye West's feud with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian from earlier this year. Everything from their daughters' TikTok usage to Kardashians' then-boyfriend Pete Davidson, to their respective relationship, have gone public since the news went public. (Im sure we'll hear more about the Kardashians' second season when she launches on Hulu on September 22.)

In the midst of these conversations, the former married couple continue to talk about their divorce, almost two years after Kim Kardashian filed. Kanye West is yet to lose another attorney in his case, due to a judge's decision in Kardashians favor allowing the divorce trial to continue in December, with or without West's participation.

Again, if we take Kanye West's word for it here, he doesnt care. And why should he? The Yeezy Gap collection is reportedly sold out in most locations right now, regardless of how it looked in stores. For myself, I'd rather take an overpriced Yeezy sweater over Kim Kardashians retail swim gloves any day.