The Jordan Peele Crossover We All Need Is Being Done At An Iconic Universal Studios Hollywood Attraction

The Jordan Peele Crossover We All Need Is Being Done At An Iconic Universal Studios Hollywood Attrac ...

When compared to its younger and bigger sister in Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood is often overlooked as a theme park. However, there are some things that you can only find in California, such as the World Famous Studio Tour. When the Halloween Horror Nights Terror Tram arrives, however, it becomes something entirely different. This year it includes an epic Jordan Peele crossover when Us takes over the world of Nope.

The Studio Tour released a brand new item, the Jupiters Claim set from Jordan Peele's new film Nope, which opened on the same day that the film was released. It appears nobody was as eager for the new attraction as Peele himself.

It's no surprise that the new set will be a key part of the Halloween Horror Nights Terror Tram, but things will get even worse as USH announced today that the HHN Jupiters Claim will be filled with the Tethered from Us.

One of the highlights of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is the Studio Tour, which recently began a multi-year upgrade to the fleet, and thus the Terror Tram, because it's the one thing that's unique to the resort. Three fore cannot replicate it. Several of the HHN Houses each year appear at both resorts, and Orlando always has more houses due to its bigger size.

Normally, the Studio Tour involves guests on board the trams that travel through the various sets until you pay for the VIP experience. However, with the Terror Tram, everyone will be able to go around at various points and witness the horrific events up close and personal. This will include what is described as a Jupiters Claim.

Jordan Peele has only directed three feature films, but each one has been a major success. As far as we know, each story is entirely original and does not exist in a shared universe, but even Jordan Peele admits he enjoys the way fans respond to his work, bringing their own ideas. For the purposes of Halloween Horror Nights, we cant imagine what would happen if Us and Nope were connected, so seeing them inside a small old west theme park would be a good idea.

Halloween Horror Nights will begin at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 8 and includes eight haunted houses, including Legends Collide, which brings together the classic Universal Monsters of Dracula, The Wolfman, and The Mummy for the first time in a single house, and The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare, inspired by the musical artist's work.