6 LGBTQ+ DC Characters We Would Love To See On Screen In Live-Action

6 LGBTQ+ DC Characters We Would Love To See On Screen In Live-Action ...

Some of the latest movies that have been developed for the DCEU, such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, or any of the new series that have been in development for HBO Max, such as the Penguin spinoff, are just a few of DC's most sought after assets.

Although there have been a few who have appeared throughout the years, there are others, such as Harley Quinn in the HBO series, or Renee Montoya in Birds of Prey, and their incredible relationship with Poison Ivy? Here are my picks for DC comics LGBTQ+ characters who should make their debut in live-action.


Apollo, who appears in the DC Wildstorm Universe, is essentially another version of Superman in my eyes. He has laser eyes that could see through anything, can fly, and enhanced senses, all of which make him the whole package.

Apollo is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and, according to Games Radar, is often referred to as one of the first openly gay superheroes, having first appeared back in 1998, and he ended up having a large partnership (and marriage) with another great DC character that will come to prominence in the future.


Apollo, who reminds me very much of Superman, is now a look at Batman, otherwise known as Vengeance in the 2022 film The Batman. Midnighter is a lot like Batman in many ways, but you want to know who hell always partner up with? Apollo.

When you look at them, they are quite different, light and dark in so many ways, and yet they go together perfectly. Its no wonder that their partnership has been compared to that of Superman and Batman, because they are truly amazing when they collaborate. They even have their own team-up books called Midnighter and Apollo.

Sarah Rainmaker

Sarah Rainmaker is an outstanding hero who has the ability to maneuver air and water and is a skilled fighter in the Wildstorm Universe.

She is very proud of her birthright. Gen 13, a group that consists of genetically altered superhero teenagers, is a young team-up that often reminds me of Young Justice or even one of my all-time favorite cartoons, Teen Titans.


Catwoman has been mentioned in all of her DC work, from Anne Hathaways' portrayal as Selina Kyle to Zoe Kravitz's most recent appearance in 2022. This man is a hunter. Although he is a villain in the comics, he is also outed to the general public as bisexual.

Even so, that doesnt stop him from doing his thing - you know, tormenting people and literally causing havoc wherever he goes as part of the Secret Six. It would be sick to see him on screen. Id love to see him fight side by side with Harley Quinn or any of the other wonderful characters in this world.


Aqualad, otherwise known as Kaldur in DC Comics, was a guest star in the TV series Young Justice, and was voiced by the lovely Khary Payton (who has done some outstanding voice work). The character has also appeared in the comics, but under a different name, being called Jackson Hyde.

Both versions of the character have him as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, with Kaldur being bisexual and Jackson being gay, so either would work in this case, and honestly, he's amazing. We already love Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, and I'd almost kill if we got to see him in the next movie since he wasn't there in the first one!

The Ray

The Ray, otherwise known as Ray, has been around the place, with teams such as the Justice League, Forgotten Heroes, and others. He is able to manipulate light at will, and can also fly, as most DC heroes are able to do in some way or another.

If The Ray were to appear in any live-action film, it would most likely be in a game that involved the Freedom Fighters, which was one of the larger groups he was a part of in DC Comics. However, other than that, he hasn't been explored as much in the DC universe.

Who would you rather see the most out of everyone on this list? Im all for this Apollo and Midnighter relationship, but honestly, any of these choices would be fantastic in my opinion. DC, you have your choices, so go and make some awesome films and television shows with these characters.