Jason Momoa Responded To A Video About People Who Dont Like The Color Pink With A Classic Touch

Jason Momoa Responded To A Video About People Who Dont Like The Color Pink With A Classic Touch ...

I don't know about you, but I believe men look great in pink, and those who disagree must go look through photos from the last few months of red carpets and reevaluate. Jason Momoa proved me correct when he posed for a photo in an all-pink outfit in response to people who don't like the color.

Momoa captioned an Instagram Story with a photo of him in a matching light pink outfit to the video he was responding to in the corner. Ruby + Revolver used the sound pink th0t to highlight some of her favorite pink jewelry.

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Over 16 thousand reels have been made that depict people wearing pink, painting things pink, cooking with pink, and crafting with pink.

"Jk jk. I mean, its probably yours.." The jeweler continued, stating that her pink tourmaline set is one of her all-time favorites. Momoa responded: "I love you."

Momoa has been seen all over the place wearing jewelry like Ruby + Revolver's and pink. The actor, who will play Aquaman in DC's next film Aquaman 2, is into both things and will wear it to red carpets and late-night performances with a complete pink outfit. Back in 2020, Momoa talked to InStyle about the color.

Pink is simply a lovely shade. I'm quite content with my masculinity. I don't give a crap away about anything.

Momoa is well-known for Game of Thrones, Apple TV+s See, and Dune, a sci-fi comedy series. He is also very sensitive to his emotions, and he revealed a story about how working on a scene with Javier Bardem in Dune made him very emotional.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling from Greta Gerwigs Barbie in fluorescent pink cowboy/girl outfits and rollerskating outfits have made the internet swoon. Florence Pugh and her sheer bright pink dress made waves on the internet. Sebastian Stan and Glenn Close showed up to the Met Gala in highlighter pink.

Pink is a beautiful color, and if Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones does it, you may too. There is no need to dismiss pink.