Kevin Owens, a WWE star, was told by a man that he would need his own finisher, and Kevin Owens finished him with an all-time response

Kevin Owens, a WWE star, was told by a man that he would need his own finisher, and Kevin Owens fini ...

Wrestlers are used to being chastised by their peers all the time, and they usually settle such issues by going into the ring to confront them. When wrestling is done on the internet, the athletes cannot just throw naysayers through the tables for trying to insult them. Which isnt to say that wrestlers can't still perform all-time verbal smackdowns, and Kevin Owens did just that after a fan sarcastically criticised him for re-

Kevin Owens shared a video on Monday Night Raw stating that he is as real as it gets in the business. Well, one fan clearly disagreed with that statement, as Twitter user Brett Myall responded shortly afterwards, stating that Owens uses other wrestlers' finishing maneuvers:

What is your originality with all other wrestlers finishing?August 17, 2022

Kevin Owens has been using The Stunner as his finishing technique for quite some time, according to WWE viewers. It's true that Stone Cold Steve Austin first popularized the move during the Attitude Era. Owens responded in a mild tone on Twitter, saying, "I'm sorry."

Brett, I am a pioneer.

Brett Myall was unconcerned about Kevin Owens' clever reply and decided to drop the gloves on him, reclaiming his profile photo and rewriting his own name.

Brett, I'm going to start copying everyone even more. In fact, my name is now Kevinn. Do you think you're the only one who can take a selfie in front of a body of water while looking miserable? Nope. 17, 2022

Kevin Owens did something extraordinary here in demonstrating just how extreme he could get when it comes to mimicking others. (Alexa Bliss' response to a fan might still outweigh it, but that debate is for another time.) This is the type of pettiness that is appropriate for Owens' persona, but also funny in general, since Im sure the judgy fan didnt realize he would get any serious flak for throwing pot shots at Owens.

I suppose it's fair to say that Owens' actions might be seen as a bit mean and overthe top, even without being so directly insulted. But then, this is the sort of shit Owens does on Monday Night Raw to anyone who crosses him. So, I guess the moral of the story is not to poke the bear, no matter what other animals' actions they may be copying.

Kevin Owens' current WWE storyline is intriguing, as his recent feud with Drew McIntyre indicated that he might be involved in the main event at the upcoming Clash At The Castle pay-per-view. One has to wonder if he will continue to pursue major titles and copying figures for a long time.

Kevin Owens is a regular on Monday Night Raw on USA at 8:00 p.m. ET. Anyone who has a Peacock premium subscription may see his best work on there, and should hold onto it as I expect many more amazing matches.