WWE Superstars and On-Air Talent Who Left the Company in 2022

WWE Superstars and On-Air Talent Who Left the Company in 2022 ...

Follow WWE for long enough and youll see many of your favorite baby faces and heels leave the company at some point, whether they wanted to be released, or, as in the case of many of the superstars released in 2021, were let go due to those unidentified budgetary concerns. And, while it's sad to see them go, many times the ones who have been released are able to find success elsewhere.

The list of WWE superstars and other on-air talents that have left the sport in 2022 is one of the most astonishing yet difficult to believe we have seen in years, with legendary wrestlers with years of experience departing, and the man who made wrestling what it is today finally steps down and passes the business onto the next generation.

William Regal

WWE released its first major round of NXT 2.0 movies on January 5, 2022, including a stint with Stone Cold Steve Austin and on-screen WCW from 1999 to 2000. Regal had worked as an on-screen authority figure and backstage producer since then.

Regal responded to his release on Twitter, saying, "He will always be a Real Mans Man." He acknowledged WWE for giving him this opportunity all those years ago, before saying, "He had nothing bad to say about the company."

Road Dogg Jesse James

Jesse James, a WWE Hall of Famer who was with the company from 1994 until his retirement, was also let go early as part of large NXT changes.

Jesse James thanked everyone for reaching out before declaring that there were no hard feelings and that it was just business. The same day he was released from WWE, where he had been working as a coach at the Performance Center for the previous few years.

Scott Armstrong

Scott Armstrong, the real-life brother of Road Dogg Jesse James, will be released on January 5, 2022. Armstrong spent a large chunk of his 15-year WWE career as a referee, and often played a role in major events, including the months-long feud between Daniel Bryan and Triple H that began at SummerSlam 2013 and culminated at WrestleMania 30. More recently, Armstrong had stepped into a producer position with the NXT brand.

Armstrong posted a photo on his Twitter the day after being released with the hashtag #ProWrestlingFamilies, which he followed up the next day with another post about losing a good gig.

Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher and the other NXT employees were released on January 5, 2022. During that time, he briefly served as NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Matt Riddle (before the name change and main roster call-up) before later partnering up with Tomasso Ciampa before being shut off from television.

According to a WWE statement obtained by Fightful, the release of Thatchers was linked to the continued evolution of NXT 2.0.

Danny Burch

Danny Burch, who stayed with NXT for the majority of his WWE tenure (2011-2014, 2015-2022), was the next wrestler to be let go by the company on January 5, 2022. Lorcan was one of the many WWE superstars to be released in 2021.

Burch took to Twitter the same day he was released from his WWE contract, sharing his short thoughts on the matter, claiming that 2022 had been a great year for him.

Hideki Suzuki

Hideki Suzuki, who went by Hachiman, was the next WWE wrestler/coach released on January 5, 2022, putting an end to his short tenure with the company. Suzuki wrestled for various Japanese championships, including All Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, Pro Wrestling Zero1, and Inoki Genome Federation.

Suzuki posted a tweet a few days after his release, stating that he might wrestle starting in early February 2022.

Samoa Joe

WWE released Samoa Joe for the second time in less than a year on January 6, 2022. The former three-time NXT Champion, two-time United States Champion, and winner of the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic took to Twitter to express his disappointment at not competing with the top-tier talent at NXT.

Samoa Joe will be inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame as a member of the inaugural class on February 14, 2022.

Brian Kendrick

According to Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online, Brian Kendrick was reportedly granted his release (the fourth time he's left the company) on February 1, 2022, although no reason was given. After Kendrick's previous controversial remarks resurfaced, WWE CEO Tony Khan reconsidered the offer on Twitter.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was out, once more, at the organization his grandfather founded and his father used to revolutionize professional wrestling. According to Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online, McMahon was released in the aftermath of the issue-plagued event that reportedly had many difficulties both in the ring and behind the scenes.

The outcome of McMahon's immediate future is unknown, and he might not succeed in becoming AEW's wrestler or producer, although Tony Khan stated in Sports Illustrated that he would not oppose sharing ideas in the future.

Any wrestlers or backstage personnel who have left WWE in 2022, no one knows what the future holds, but when it comes to professional wrestling, never say never. If you want to replay some of these superstars' greatest moments, you can do so through the WWE Network with a Peacock Premium subscription.


Former United States Champion, Tag Team Champion, and inaugural winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Cesaro left WWE after more than a decade with the company, according to PWInsider, which revealed some fascinating details.

Cesaro had a one-year extension at the time of his departure, implying that there were no non-compete provisions typical to these kinds of situations. Despite that, Cesaro waited four months before making his AEW debut at the AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door event in June 2022.

Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera, a long-time WWE Spanish commentator who had been a part of some of the company's most notable events (that poor Spanish announce table) and who had been the voice of Spanish broadcasts for over 30 years, was let go in February 2022. The news was first reported by PWInsider not long after Cabrera's departure, but no explanation was given as to why his services were no longer needed.

Cabrera wrote a letter to WWE supporters asking them for their support both during his tenure with the company and after his departure. Since then, the legendary broadcaster has called a handful of major wrestling events, including Ric Flairs' Last Match in July 2022.

Nash Carter

Nash Carter (real name Zachary Green) was fired from the company just one day after winning the NXT Tag Team Championship with MSK partner Wes Lee, according to Sports Illustrated. His wife, Kimber Lee (real name Kimberly Green) accused him of committing domestic abuse while also posting a photo of the former WWE superstar impersonating Adolf Hitler.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful was later confirmed that Carter had been fired the same day on his contract. In May 2022, the former NXT Tag Champ apologized and said he was sorry and apologetic.


According to Wrestling Observer Radio via ComicBook.com, Kushida, a former Cruiserweight Champion, left the company in April 2022, allowing him to return to NJPW where he established himself with his high-flying appearance and Marty McFly-inspired outfit.

Kushida would return to the position in June 2022 at the iconic Korakuen Hall.

Malcolm Bivens

Malcolm Bivens (real name Stokely Hathaway), who had been working as a manager for various superstars in NXT, was fired from his contract in April 2022, just three years after he signed with the company. The man's departure was later confirmed by the man himself in a video posted on his Twitter.

Stokely, a former WWE on-air personality, clarified several rumors and confirmed others before declaring that he was just not happy there. In May 2022, he would launch at AEWs Double or Nothing pay-per-view and join Jade Cargill, a rising star.

Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae, an early female WWE superstar just a couple of years ago, left the company in May 2022. According to Metro, LaRae reportedly decided to leave the company when her contract expired. Shortly after, she was removed from the WWE main roster page.

LeRae has made several appearances at various wrestling conventions throughout the summer, although she hasn't wrestled.


Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) resigned from WWE in July 2022, after initially posting her decision on Twitter (though all tweets have since been deleted) and later on her Twitch stream via f4wonline.com, claiming that the WWE did not want to re-sign her.

Paige said she was grateful to WWE for everything she saw during her 11-year tenure on Twitch.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE in July 2022, according to Variety. The news came as the result of an investigation into whether McMahon had made a $3 million hush money settlement, although more have since surfaced.

McMahons' retirement, which had long feared as something that would never happen, has sent ripples across the wrestling community as WWE enters uncharted territory with the longtime creative director in the reins.

Any wrestlers and backstage employees who have left WWE in 2022, will never say never. This is especially true with the changes that have been made since Vince McMahon's retirement. If you want to relive some of these superstars' greatest moments or watch some upcoming WWE events, you may do so with a Peacock Premium subscription.