Fortnite 40-vs-40 Zero Build Mode is reportedly being developed

Fortnite 40-vs-40 Zero Build Mode is reportedly being developed ...

Fortnite began as a simple tower defense game, but has grown into a platform for a variety of different modes and maps. Not only can players create anything they want in Fortnite, but Epic Games is also free to experiment with it however they want. Now, Fortnite might get a new mode based on the larger Team Rumble and the newer Zero Build.

Epic has begun work on a new team battle mode that will involve two teams of 40 players against each other, according to data miners. This is similar to Fortnite's previous team battle modes, but the teams will have 10 players fewer. It might be a default game mode in Fortnite.

The 50v50 mode is set to return soon, and it's named "Big Battle Zero Build," but it's only 40v40 this time. It's a defamous mode, with no respawn, the storm is more lethal, and you start with the OG Tac Shotgun + Burst AR + 4 Minis + 10 Bandages.

The leak discusses some of the new features, including that players will not be able to respawn, that the matches will be shorter, and that each player will have a starting loadout. This set of gear includes the OG Tac Shotgun, the Burst AR, four mini shield potions, and 10 bandages.

If this new mode is released, it will require a different strategy from the large team buildup. Most of the fighting would have to take place on the ground. Players will need to utilize the natural map as cover and explore new strategies to gain control of their opponents.

The fact that this mode is in the files suggests that it might be released within the next few months. However, this is just speculation until Epic Games confirms or refutes the assertion.