DWG KIA backdoor KT to win close series and advance to the semifinals of 2022 LCK Summer Split playoffs

DWG KIA backdoor KT to win close series and advance to the semifinals of 2022 LCK Summer Split playo ...

Most League of Legends fans expected today's LCK Summer Split playoff series between DWG KIA and KT to be so close. It was a close game between the two teams that DWG won 3-2.

DWG was able to hold their ground against KT and maintained their gold lead by securing map objectives. Even when KT defeated the Elder Drake, DWG just backdoored the enemy Nexus, allowing the game to begin strong.

KT'S HUGE WOMBO COMBO! #LCK pic.twitter.com/3o0zNfYtKz

DWG dominated the next game as well. KT were able to turn the game over in a significant way thanks to the brilliant setup from Rascals Ornn. However, DWG was obliterated in the next teamfight to maintain a massive advantage.

KT fought back against DWG and picked up Swain for Vicla. This arrangement somehow worked out.

the way I screamed pic.twitter.com/nSuoRD8jZ

In game four, KTs strength was put to the test. Deokdams Nilah and Showmakers Ahri were able to turn almost every teamfight in DWGs favor. They even beat KT and nearly opened up their base.

KT held their ground and got the Hextech Soul to make a remarkable comeback. With this victory, they pushed the series into a decisive game five.

"Let's just go!" Listen in as @DWGKIA closes out Game 5 of the series with a backdoor ending! #LCK pic.twitter.com/auPEqkFKYA

Both teams seemed to have leveled up their gameplay in the final game of the series, from ShowMakers Corki grabbing a quadra kill to Aimings fed Zeri kiting a fledgling DWG team.

KT made a mistake when they decided to go for the Cloud Soul. During this time, DWG executed a successful backdoor and defeated the enemy Nexus, thereby gaining ground and the series.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTENAINED? @DWGKIA advance to round 2 of #LCK Summer Playoffs after a BANGER series with KT! pic.twitter.com/gUu2SAuYpT

This was a fantastic series between the two teams. Although KT will not compete in the 2022 LCK Summer Split playoffs, they showed their potential today. DWG KIA will advance to the semifinals and face T1 next on August 21.