In MTG Dominaria United, Kicker and Domain are returning their mechanics

In MTG Dominaria United, Kicker and Domain are returning their mechanics ...

In the next set Dominaria United, the Magic: The Gatherings will bring back familiar characters and mechanics.

Domain and Kicker are two of the new spell mechanics. Both are effective methods to increase the value of your spells.

During the first day of the Dominaria United preview season, three Kicker cards and two Domain cards were revealed. These cards demonstrate the versatility of each archetype at various rarity levels.


Mark Rosewater's teaser blog hints at this item ahead of Dominaria United's spoiler season. Domain was first introduced in Invasion. Nine years later, it was adopted in the 2009 version Conflux.

Domain offers additional advantages for each basic Land type you control: Island, Swamp, Plains, Forest, and Mountain. This mechanic fits very well with five-color archetype formats, as shown in Dominaria United.

On the first day of the Dominaria United preview season, two Green Domain spells were revealed. Territorial Maro is a card that was previously teased on the Rosewaters blog. It's a */* creature with a power that is equal to the number of basic Land types you can control. At its best, Territorial Maro is a five-mana 10/10 creature.

Herd Migration is a powerful seven-mana sorcery that can provide up to 10 bodies to flood the battlefield for each basic Land type you control. It'll also prevent it from ever becoming a dead card in hand.


When the Temporal Firestorm was revealed, Kicker was revealed to be a part of Dominaria United. Kicker was last a primary mechanic in Zendikar Rising. It was also a mechanic in 2018s Dominaria.

Kicker for Dominaria United is a game that requires color certification.

A card like Archangel for Wrath can be kicked for Red and/or Black. The color of mana paid and how many times a card was kicked will affect the same effect. For Archangel of Wrath, once it deals two damage to any target. If it is kicked twice, it deals an additional two damage.

Benalish Sleeper is a two-mana Common with Kicker B. This is a powerful way to make a creature fit primarily in multi-color decks without making the casting cost too great. A two-mana 3/1 is an aggressive creature that will maneuver well in combat. It can also be used as a piece of removal if it is kicked.

On Magic Arena and Magic Online, Dominaria United will be released on September 1 and 2; a tabletop version will be released on September 9.