All new and returning MTG Dominaria United mechanics

All new and returning MTG Dominaria United mechanics ...

Through Dominaria United, players will revisit the Magic: The Gathering plane of Dominaria this autumn, containing several returning mechanics with a twist and one new mechanic specific to the set.

Dominaria United (DMU) will be released digitally on September 1 and globally on September 9th. Popular returning planeswalkers, mechanics, and pain lands will be included, while returning mechanics like Sagas have a different twist to them.

  • Flash: Flash is a commonly used keyword ability within MTG sets that returns in DMU. Players can cast a creature that has Flash on their opponents turn if they choose, like an Instant speed spell.
  • Deathtouch: Similar to Flash, Deathtouch is a keyword ability that destroys any creature it deals damage to, no matter the toughness.
  • Flying: Flying is a form of evasion. Creatures with Flying can only get blocked by creatures with Flying or Reach.
  • Trample: Trample is a form of evasion in which damage can hit a players life total if the power of the attacking creature is greater than the toughness of the blocker.
  • Haste: A creature with Haste doesnt have summoning sickness.

Every MTG mechanic within the Dominaria United set, from the return of Kicker to skipping Saga chapters.

Kicker in Dominaria United

Kicker is making a return as a DMU mechanic, despite MTG Invasion. The designers have included a few new features, from tapping into enemy colors to repeatable costs that provide additional effects.

Benalish Sleeper is a two-drop Mono-White Phyrexian human soldier that taps enemy colors through its Kicker cost. Each player must sacrifice a creature upon acquiring Benalish Sleeper.

Temporal Firestorm illustrates the utility of Kicker within DMU, allowing players to pay either White or Blue mana towards the Kicker cost on a Mono-White creature for the Kicker cost. Players can pay the Kicker on Archangel of Wrath twice to add two damage.

In the DMU Limited format, color flexibility and the ability to pay a Kicker cost multiple times for an additional effect will likely have a significant impact.

Sagas and Read Ahead

Sagas are returning to DMU after being first introduced to Magic through Dominaria. Similar to Kamigawa: Neon Nights, Sagas have once again evolved, showing the possibility to start at your chapter of choice through Read Ahead. Sagas typically have three chapters, with chapter one taking place on the turn it was played, and each chapter activating over the course of a player's next two turns.

Through Read Ahead, players can pick a chapter to start with. The drawback, however, is that skipped chapters cannot be activated. The change improves the playability of Sagas within the Standard format, which is often too fast-paced, especially for a high-costed story.

The Phasing of Zhalfir highlights the power DMU Sagas has to offer. Players may destroy all creatures through chapter three, phase out a target creature for one turn and destroy all, or phase out a target creature for two turns.

Domain mechanic in Dominaria United

Domain is a keyword ability that is first introduced within the Invasion set and is used to deduce a creature's basic stats.

The elementals base stats in Territorial Maro are equal to two times the number of basic land types that the player controls. And with Nishoba Brawler, Domain determines the cat warriors' power but not toughness that is equal to the number of basic land types that the player controls.

Enlist Dominaria United mechanic

Enlist is a new gameplay mechanic that is used during the attack phase. Players may tap a non-attacking creature they control that does not have summoning sickness to increase their attacking creatures' effectiveness.

Guardian of New Benalia is a two-drop 2/2 creature that has an additional ability of Scry two when the new mechanic is activated. This feature is common on many of the DMU creatures that have the new mechanic.Enlist will likely be a strong Limited format mechanic.