How to Watch Flame Fatales in 2022

How to Watch Flame Fatales in 2022 ...

Flame Fatales, an all-women speedrunning marathon that starts this weekend, is expected to feature a ton of exciting games led by talented women speedrunners, and the schedule will keep viewers entertained throughout the week.

Flame Fatales will run until August 27. Women gamers will speedrun a slew of games while raising money for the Malala Fund, a non-profit that advocates for girls' secondary education, invests in local education activists, and strengthens the voices of girls fighting for change.

During the marathon, fans can see all of the games on the Games Done Quicks Twitch channel. Donations to the Malala Fund may be made straight through the GDQs home page, and 100% of the money will go straight to the non-profit.

The complete schedule for the Games Done Quicks Flame Fatales 2022 speedrunning marathon can be seen here.

CT is updated at all times.

Aug. 21

  • 12pm Unpacking run by Kungfufruitcup, frozenflygone
  • 1:12pm Stardew Valley run by Cutieroo
  • 1:54pm Stardew Valley run by theValiantSun
  • 2:19pm A Short Hike run by LaurieDBunnykins
  • 2:46pm A Hat in Time run by Aalaizah, Patticus
  • 3:58pm Katana Zero run by LunaValkyr, modulottie
  • 4:33pm The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time run by clairelynnd
  • 9:25pm Tetris Blast run by Demerine
  • 9:57pm Final Fantasy IV Free Enterprise Randomizer run by dijonketchup, Asuka424

Aug. 22

  • 12pm Interview with Malala Fund by Kungfufruitcup
  • 12:15pm Boyfriend Dungeon run by DarkLadyMarie
  • 1:37pm Solar Ash run by Utsu
  • 2:59pm Shantae and the Pirates Curse run by LaurieDBunnykins
  • 4:16pm Xena: Warrior Princess run by cyanidesugar
  • 5:43pm Praey for the Gods run by Usurpering
  • 7:25pm Shivers run by katie_moon
  • 8:07pm Ghostbusters run by Wolfshadow
  • 8:34pm Kuon run by MissScarletTanager
  • 9:41pm Strobophagia run by Vynn
  • 10:08pm Phasmophobia run by Nichole Goodnight, Bathinjan

Aug. 23

  • 12pm Interview with Malala Fund by Kungfufruitcup
  • 12:15pm The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time run by Phant, nukkuler
  • 3:02pm Mother (Earthbound Beginnings) run by passere
  • 3:54pm Final Fantasy Legend II run by leggystarscream
  • 6:06pm Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories run by AeonFrodo
  • 7:58pm Divinity: Original Sin 2 run by Lumi
  • 8:35pm Mighty No. 9 run by KiwamiZX
  • 9:42pm Mega Man X run by Clipper
  • 10:34pm Kirbys Adventure run by Darksol188

Aug. 24

  • 12:45pm Immortals Fenyx Rising run by Ailis
  • 1:42pm Sealed Bite run by KateLibC
  • 2:11pm Maquette run by emeraldaly
  • 3:01pm Dharma Doujo run by Lizstar
  • 3:56pm Mario Tennis 64 run by suzie_geeforce
  • 4:17pm ALF run by LadyStarbird
  • 4:53pm Monolith: Relics of the Past run by Kailaria, Lilac Vrt Olligoci
  • 5:12pm Sonic 2 Absolute run by flying fox
  • 5:54pm Unsighted run by Roofon
  • 6:41pm Lifeslide run by selcouthmind
  • 7:40pm Mickeys Speedway USA run by garbitheglitcheress
  • 8:32pm Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing run by AirAngel
  • 9:19pm Mario Kart 8 Deluxe run by amber

Aug. 25

  • 11:30am Interview with Malala Fund
  • 11:45am Contra III: The Alien Wars run by t0zzle
  • 12:14pm Haiku the Robot run by Allison8Bit
  • 12:56pm Love 3 run by Char_bunny
  • 1:24pm The Last Guardian run by SableDragonRook, Usurpering
  • 5:03pm The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening run by EDL666
  • 6:57pm Dust: An Elysian Tail run by AggytheAron
  • 7:34pm Hades run by arcalena, trash_lapras
  • 8:41pm Metroid Dread run by Metroid Crime
  • 10:48pm Elden Ring run by Larxa

Aug. 26

  • 11:30pm Interview with Malala Fund by Kungfufruitcup
  • 11:45pm Pokemon Legends: Arceus run by kaguyanicky
  • 1:06pm Phantasy Star IV: Profound Disorder run by LadyStarbird
  • 3:11pm Pac-Man 99 run by suzie_geeforce
  • 3:29pm Disneys 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue run by passere
  • 4:06pm Super Ninja-kun run by AirAngel
  • 4:48pm Wizards and Warriors run by Threach
  • 5:25pm D4DJ Groovy Mix run by kariohki
  • 6:07pm ZOISZ STARLIVHT run by Kailaria
  • 7:19pm Mirrors Edge run by CookieBunny
  • 8:16pm Bloodrayne II run by Galasrinie
  • 10:33pm Shadow of the Colossus run by RUBIEHART

Aug. 27

  • 11:30pm Interview with Malala Fund by Kungfufruitcup
  • 11:45am Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire run by Sajan, Corvimae
  • 3:12pm Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland run by Darksol188
  • 4:02pm Sayonara Mario World run by frozenflygone
  • 4:49pm Celeste run by carrarium
  • 5:56pm Celeste run by waterwithflavor
  • 6:30pm Bayonetta 2 run by a_variety_pack
  • 8:12pm Titanfall 2 run by sapphire_in_pink
  • 9:57pm Super Mario All-Stars Shuffler run by Skybilz
  • 11:44pm Finale