Everyone can be a dream: a Minecraft star discusses the importance of being unveiled

Everyone can be a dream: a Minecraft star discusses the importance of being unveiled ...

Dream, a popular Youtube creator and Twitch streamer well-known for his Minecraft content, has joined GeorgeNotFound, Karl Jacobs, and Sapnap as a guest on their podcast Banter.

Dream revealed that while he intends to start a new YouTube channel for real-life content following his face reveal, a majority of what he does will remain faceless. His main YouTube channel will still be Minecraft-centric, with some IRL content mixed in, but real-life content will be very minor and occur if it contributes to specific Minecraft challenges.

Dream mentioned GeorgeNotFounds Minecraft, But I Put A T Shirt On Every Minute Video, and Sapnaps I Speedran Minecraft In A BEE FARM Video as examples of the kind of face camera content that he might include on his main YouTube channel. The other YouTube channel Dream develops will be completely different and focused exclusively on real-life content that he creates with his friends.

The Minecraft creator explains that though he never intended to be faceless and only became faceless because of the COVID-19 epidemic, he has grown accustomed to it and now believes it is an essential part of who Dream is. Thus, even after his face reveal, Dream will mostly remain a faceless creator.

The creator then stated that Dream is a character and compared him to Spider-Man. Because Dream is a faceless character who is regarded as the best Minecraft player around, Dream himself sees Dream as an entity and character separate from himself. Just as Spider-Man might be anyone underneath the mask, Dream also believes that Dream may also be anyone.

That could be anyone, like, anybody who is watching this video, no matter their age, no matter their gender, they may be able to make this video and they may be Dream.

Dream's mystery and character-like qualities, although intended, are also something he hopes to maintain following his face reveal. Dream believes Dream, as an entity, is a Minecraft superhero.