How to Redeem Overwatch League Token and Spray Codes

How to Redeem Overwatch League Token and Spray Codes ...

The Overwatch League is well-known for rewarding loyal followers with league tokens earned by watching live matches or codes from teams, players, and influencers that can be used for exclusive sprays, additional tokens, and even free copies of Overwatch.

These codes would be redeemed somewhere within Overwatch itself, such as in the Overwatch League shopping page or in the games Hero Gallery cosmetics tab. Instead, fans will need to close the game and restart the launcher to redeem their codes.

Regardless of how many Overwatch League codes you may receive, here's how to redeem them.

How to Redeem Overwatch League token and spray codes

Open up the client to redeem Overwatch League codes. is the starting point for Overwatch and other Blizzard games you might play on PC. There is a mobile app, but it does not appear to support code redemption at this time.

Go to the top-right corner of the client and select the drop-down menu next to your username. There's a link that says Redeem a Code under the list of status options.

Selecting this option will open a new page in the shop with an entry box. Every Overwatch League token code, spray code, or game code will fit into this box, which limits entries to 16 characters.

Emblem the code on this page and click Redeem Code.

After redemption, the tokens or sprays should appear immediately in your Overwatch account. If they do not appear immediately and the game is open, restart the game. Check with the person who provided the code to make sure it was not previously used by someone else.Codes may only be used once, so make sure you don't share yours with anyone.