Overwatch's best victory

Overwatch's best victory ...

Opening an Overwatch loot box is a thrilling experience. What you'll get: a skin? A highlight? A cool intro? While loot box sales will soon be coming to an end and they wont be sold in Overwatch 2, you can still replay that feeling by opening boxes acquired through leveling up.

Overwatch's extensive list of customization options includes victory poses, which are a great way to express yourself after a victory as you stand next to your team in victory. Many of them also highlight their respective heroes' personalities, such as Soldier: 76s.

Here are a few of Overwatch's best victory poses.

Ana R.I.P.

Baptiste Hot Soup

Doomfist Fireworks

Genji Over the Shoulder

Junkrat Bad For Your Health

Mercy Parasol

Orisa Puppy

Reaper Shrug

Roadhog Tuckered Out

Soldier: 76 Golf Swing

Tracer Over the Shoulder

Widowmaker Surveillance

Wrecking Ball Imbibe

Zenyatta Meditation