In the final wave of roster changes, Washington Justice releases Happy, vigilante

In the final wave of roster changes, Washington Justice releases Happy, vigilante ...

The Washington Justice has been removing quite a bit of its players this season, and Lee Happy Jung-woo and Kim vigilante Jun are the last two players to make moves before the Aug. 18 Overwatch League trade deadline.

Aaron PRE Heckman also deleted his Twitter account after submitting one final message to the site thanking supporters for understanding. Around Aug. 14, fans noticed that he had deleted all mentions of his involvement with the Justice.

Happy has found a new home on the Los Angeles Gladiators, while vigilante will now play for the Atlanta Reign. The Justice now has only five players on its roster, which is one player less than the minimum required players on the squad. The Justice will give the sixth position to a staff member for the remainder of the season in order to comply with the OWL minimum of six players.

Our player moves have concluded today. We intend to continue our development with this roster until the end of the 2022 season. Our team is ready to work hard and fight throughout the season. #JusticeFighting

The Washington Justice will now have to compete with the current roster of DPS players including Gui-un Decay Jang, Kim Assassin Sung-won, tank player Shin Kalios Woo-yeol, and support players Jung Krillin Yung-hoon and An OPENER Gi-beom.

The Justice's actions come a few days after GG Recon reported that the Justice was attempting to drastically reduce its competitive cost. The cost-cutting following a meeting the teams had on August 10 is said to be the reason for the cost-cutting.

The team will now have to contend with only five active players on its roster. There are still two tournaments left in the Overwatch League competitive season: the Countdown Cup in October and the playoffs.