TimTheTatman reacts to a new Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite collab

TimTheTatman reacts to a new Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite collab ...

TimTheTatman, a Battle Royale streamer, was glowing about the recent Dragon Ball Z collaboration with Fortnite, claiming that the crossover content has given him some of his best gaming achievements.

Fortnite has had a lot of success in collaborating with now dozens of other games, including John Wick, The Avengers, Naruto, and Rick and Morty. The most recent addition to the battle royales is its collaboration with the long-running anime Dragon Ball Z, which has drew a lot of attention to Fortnite.


Fortnite now allows players to ride on Nimbus Clouds and blast enemies with the famous Kamehameha energy attack, according to popular Twitch streamer and battle royale aficionado TimTheTatman. The collaboration was named one of his gaming highlights.

TimTheTatman shared a gameplay clip via Twitter, showing off several highlights of himself eschewing the competition with Fortnites latest and potentially most powerful weapon yet. Ah, yeah, Tim, after deleting a player with his Kamehameha, this is sick. It's one of the coolest things I've ever done in a video game.

TimTheTatman, a massive Dragon Ball Z fan, adorned himself with a Vegeta tattoo early in 2020. Now able to play as one of his favorite anime characters in one of his favorite games of all time, it seems like this collaboration was created with TimTheTatman in mind.