Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs tease the second season of the Dream SMP Minecraft server

Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs tease the second season of the Dream SMP Minecraft se ...

GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Karl Jacobs were joined by Minecraft legend Dream in the latest installment of the Banter podcast. The group discussed many topics, including the Dream SMP Minecraft server, of which they are all members.

Jacobs encouraged the group to talk about what will come in the future after Dream previously teased that something significant would take the Dream SMP forever. However, no further information had been provided until now following this revelation.

There is going to be a season two, and Dream started off by reiterating before officially revealing that the next server events should begin this month.

Although Jacobs pushed to get more information and mentioned a new set of rules and general rule changes that the server will follow, the Minecraft star was intentionally vague.

Jacobs said those are some of the most motivating parts of his life when it comes to the mysterious new rules that will be implemented when season two begins.

Dream stated that as part of the new guidelines, all creators who are part of the server will be required to complete tasks. This has been a standard feature for other SMPs to ensure that they stay current and that the server remains fresh.

Dream has stated that these restrictions will even apply to him, which is particularly interesting considering that fans of the Dream SMP have never seen his canonical character point of view before, apart from one tiny YouTube video he made. His character is the primary antagonist of the server, but this could dramatically change depending on what the big event will bring to the server.

I think a lot of the fun in Minecraft was just, I know this may sound silly, but people were on it, Jacobs said in regards to what the Minecraft server used to be and what he expects the upcoming changes to bring back.

Jacobs says that he believes there is something very special about it. So many viewers love that and I believe that this is something that has sort of gone missing recently.

The Dream SMP was once a bustling server with so many streamers on at the same time that any of the creators could simply jump on and figure out what to do from there. They could, as GeorgeNotFound put it, just go on and play with people without too much concern or analysis about how their actions might affect the server's canonical history.

Sapnap agreed that back in the day, I would simply connect to the server and find out what was going on. And I would just be doing, like, anything.

The Minecraft server has been down for a while, with many fans believing it would be over for good. While the servers have definitively stated this is not the case, they have also expressed that the server's over-lore-fixation has put pressure on all of them and resulted in everyone being less active.

What began as a very improvisational and spur-of-the-moment Minecraft server gradually developed into the more structured roleplaying-centric server it is today. At some point, the creators lost the delicate equilibrium they had between the two and began to suffer burnout. But with season 2, they hope to restore that stability.

Jacobs said: I'm really looking forward to season two. I believe there'll be a lot more of it while also having really cool narratives.

Jacobs also revealed that most of the Dream SMP creators are busy completing their respective narratives, and that most of them are also working together to ensure that season two begins with a bang.

Season two of the Dream SMP Minecraft server should be released sometime in August, but the creators have also stated that things should certainly begin sometime before the end of the year. Most creators involved have also expressed their excitement on Twitter or during livestreaming, so fans may expect to see all members of the server involved when things officially begin.